Monday, March 1, 2010

"Sweet" Pleasures

Eating is for Pleasure?

Me thinks so.

Again, as I've said, we are conditioned (at least in this nation) that food is associated with ummm's and yummy expressions from the time we eat our first solid food "Gerber Rice Cereal". Then we moved on to jar "fruit" .... cause most mamma's know the baby spits out the spoon full of sweet potatoes and pureed chicken. God gave us taste buds for a reason.

Our mind states that it's all about our senses when we eat. But, we've developed a Lust for Food!

Look at the bazillion dollar industry of "Food".
Restaurants to the Food Network on TV
It's all about presentation and flavor/texture... oh la la

It isn't any wonder we are the FATTEST nation on earth (translates to most unhealthy and unfit).

Look around at any event - count the overweight vs the slim trim. Better yet,
who eats at Mc Donalds & Cold Stone Ice Cream Shops and who do you see shopping at whole Foods & Jamba Juice Shops.

I got it, you got it.

The Answer?

You can't find the answer until you find the real problem... you can't find the real problem until you recognize and are honest about the behavior/symptoms
As we Do in Nursing use the "Nursing Process":
Assessment (what is the symptoms )
Diagnosis (what is the problem)
Planning (develop strategy)
Implementation (take action)
Evaluation (was the diagnosis and strategy correct? if not start again)

back on track
Food is NECESSARY for life
Taste ... I think our
Our Creator
is "amazing" and loves to please us...
and delights in seeing
our pleasure with what HE has created ...
all in hopes that we choose to please Him

How sad we continually take what he has given us and made it OUR IDOL - Yap you heard. Food becomes our God at times. Seeking Food to satisfy our souls.

BUT, when Taste rules over Nutrition than.....
re discover enjoying and saying ummmm and Yummy over a bowl of Oatmeal with chopped up nuts.

No, I'm not kidding.

Ok, so we only use about 10% of our brain. Case in Point. We're stupid to choose
a Warm Apple Pie with Ice Cream over ... less sugary Apple dessert. No, I'm not going to look up a recipe for Warm apple cobbler with 80% less sugar. But, I've made it.

Plus, in this Journey, I have to say..... Twice in the past week I had the opportunity to eat Apple Pie (that's why this is on my mind). And to tella you the Truth (a phrase my Sicilian Grandma used a lot) I DIDN't WANT IT! Yipee to me, pat on the back.

NO desire to eat something so sickening sweet. Why, because I've redefined what I WANT.... food that makes my body strong. Food that makes my skin glow. Food that gives me energy (not the fatigue and emotionally in the dump next day if I ate a sugary desert).

And I didn't deprive myself of "pleasure" BECAUSE... my satisfaction, comfort and pleasure is in knowing that I'm taking care of God's Temple "Me".

My strength in saying no to the dense fudge cake at a party the other night ( a desire of the past) was ME recognizing for the 1st time..... That dessert MAKES ME LOOK and FEEL TERRIBLE.

Choices...... feeding my pleasures!
MY Pleasure is in my walk with the Lord

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Today may my walk and talk reflect your presence in my life.
May my light shine where ever I go. May the fruit of the spirit in me be
And may all who meet me WANT to fill their souls with the SWEET PLEASURE of you in their life. In Jesus Name

I'm off running (literally)

PS :
Exercise & Calories = Your Body 's Health THAT SIMPLE
(ok, some metabolic/disease issues need to be weighed in - but

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