Sunday, February 28, 2010

wake up

8:00 am
An expression and request - W A K E U P

It's time to wake up
Be honest
Take responsibility
Look behind only long enough to pull out and go forward (like driving)

Self Destructive?


9:00 am
************************ Jumping Cartwheels (as if I could without VERTIGO)

I needed that Kick in the butt -
I threw on my workout clothes (simple to do) and exercised/stretched for 30++ minutes YES YES YES

I remind myself (self dialog is important) I feel SOOOO GOOD when I take care of me!

Maybe it's the years of taking care of others that makes it a difficult task to take care of me. Well, it's not really a ""difficult task"... maybe it's the Italian/Sicilian "sacrifice" junk. Oh, I'm not saying sacrifice for loved ones and for doing the right things is wrong. BUT, when ....

well, As I've said in my Blog - "my body is the temple of GOD" so for me to not take care of HIS temple is WRONG.

I know it's his temple when illness or injury affects HIS temple and I remind GOD.... I am your's, this is your temple .... fix it/heal it...

So, I better take it seriously when I look in the mirror and see how I'M taking care of his TEMPLE!

FEED my Spirit is 1st priority of the day
FEED my Body is #2 (food/exercise)
FEED my Mind is right there with One and Two

I'll get it sooner or later..... hopefully sooner!

CONFESS what I want to BE (SAY it out loud so I can really HEAR what I'm saying)
WALK the Walk of what I TALK (ACT on it! MOVE THAT BUTT)


Psalm 37:5

5 Commit your way to the LORD;

trust in him and he will do this:

Dear Lord,

Today, I ask you to infuse your word into my mind and heart and may it bear fruit.

May I see with the Eye's of Jesus Life around me.

May I feel and experience Life around me with the heart of Jesus.

May I reach out with Your arms to love those around me and be a blessing today.

May I reflect you today!

In Jesus Name


SALUTE!!!! Now Sing !!!

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