Monday, July 31, 2017

When I am Old or Grow Bitter or Better

I have said for sometime now that I need to write down all the things I "do not" want to do when I am old.

For instance:

Feel the need to always speak my mind out loud....
            Example:  That is a ridiculous outfit that girl is wearing  (judgements)
                              My soup is too salty (complaints everyone at the table hears)
                              The world is going to hell in a hand basket  (Negative)

Share "when I was a kid" stories...
            Example:  When I was a kid we had only a black and white TV with two channels!
                              I use to keep a dime in my shoe incase I needed to call home
                              We had only one phone in the house and if someone needed to make a
                                     call you had to end your conversation.
                               We actually "dialed" the phone.

Move  far away from Family ....  then expect them to come help take care of me

Say stuff like - Why don't you ever call me ?

What I hope is that I will be a sweet little old lady.  Content with who I am and where I am.
    Grateful for each day God gives me and show my gratitude by not being a burden on those
    around me.

What I hope is I forgive and release those who have hurt my feelings, done things that caused me
disappointments, heartache etc.

What I pray for is that I grow better.... Find the strength to take care of myself (stay clean, brush my teeth).... put on lipstick and wear a smile!

Be a seasoned wise women of pray and thanksgiving

........I am sure I will add to this....

I think I'll start now being the "Old" women I hope to be .... A little girl in an old lady body.


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