Saturday, March 11, 2017

Go Coach Yourself or Five it

Making a commitment in writing.... powerful tool of self coaching (especially when it is in a blog)

For the next 5 days I will blog each day about the following five actions I have committed to do.  

Five Days
Five Actions

1.  Learn something new (any subject)
      Curiosity about life unleashes our potential

2. Exercise my body for 30 minutes
     Caring for the Temple of God

3. Plant a seed  (Act) of kindness 
     Expressions of  Gods love brings healing

4. Clean a shelf or a drawer in my home
     Symbolic for purging, cleaning, and prioritizing 

5. Write a thank you note to someone and MAIL it! 
     Thank someone for the gift you still use and appreciate.
     Thank someone for being a good friend.  

That is it... 

Why am I doing this?  
Well, (transparent) I lost sight of taking care of me ... I am not being true to myself .  I am disappointed in myself and need to get back on track. Putting it to paper (blogging)  is like a voice that floats above my head.



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