Sunday, June 12, 2011

The voice in your head or Coffee Enema's

As I took my "walk" this morning
     (having to be my own drill sergeant to get up and DO IT)

I noticed the same long line of people outside a popular breakfast spot in town.  I've eaten there and I have to say... It's great fresh and well prepared - some very healthy choices on the menu. But, I refuse to wait 45 minutes for food!

But, the thought occurred.... through the LOUD iPOD music screaming in my ears
(sweet how we can multi task in our mind)

Wow, those people are willing to wait  in a line for 45 minutes just STANDING! 

Waiting in a line for 45 minutes to EAT...
               or  like how we stand in line for a cup of coffee  !!!

Would we ever wait in a line for 45 minutes for 
the privilege of sitting down to a 30 minute sermon to feed our Spirit?  

Honestly, think about it. 

Where is our BALANCE?

When we will be able to take off the "blinders" that keep us from taking it serious that we are body mind and SPIRIT!

  • Feed our HEART!  
  • Exercise our HEART
  • Detox our HEART

  • Feed our MIND
  • Exercise our MIND
  • Detox our MIND

we are so CARNAL in our approach to living..... GET SPIRITUAL!

So you think you are spiritual?   

Really?...... what  if the voice in your head 
(what your thinking to yourself)  

was heard over a loud speaker....  


immediately transcribed onto Facebook

Oh OUCH  that hurts !

Maybe you do need to Detox your  Mind/Thinking

Side Note:

OH No...
I do NOT BELIEVE  in Colonic's
God Provided for a NATURAL detox of our bodies:
Exercise, eat Wholesome Organic Foods, Drink 8 glass of water a day
Let your Lungs, Kidney and Liver do what is was intended to do...
Detox the the Natural God intended Way

  Is colon cleansing a good way to elimiate toxins from your body? By Picco MD / Mayo Clinic

Back on Track: 



heart, mind and spirit 

need a little DETOXING 

and then to be feed 

wholesome, powerful food 

"The Word of the Living GOD" (bible).

Are you successful in your life?... work, eating, relationships ?
   Do you have energy and a zest for living...?

 Do people see you as a loving, kind, patient... 
who has it all together despite your circumstances
do you show Strength and Courage 
in the storms of life?
(oh, ya that would be the character of the one you serve?)   

As a nurse we see the SYMPTOMS as a starting point to locating the illness/disease

Take your emotional, spiritual  Vital Signs... 
blood pressure, Pulse, Respiration and Temperature..... 

  • How about a Spiritual Treadmill?  
  • How about an Emotional Holter Monitor to wear for 24 hrs?   
  • How about a lab draw to see the level of Unforgiveness in your life? 

Think about, because I am

Ciao and have an amazing day! 

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