Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Feed Your Heart before you Feed your Face

I talk a lot about "Balance"...  

It is because I believe 
the core of our health rest in "our balance"

The Balance of Hormones
The Balance of Life Style Choices
The Balancing of our what we take in and what we put out

This idea holds true when I speak of the condition of the Heart

Our Heart (I believe) is the center of our world.  
 Proverbs: 4:23  
  Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of your life.

So (making this a quick blog today)

If people were more consumed with

  "what they feed their heart" than "what they feed their face".... 

ahhhhh I believe it would bring Balance to their life.

Think .....

The Heart is a muscle: Exercise it!

The Heart is the seat of our Emotions: Detox it

The Heart is the core of our being (out of the Heart the Mouth Speaks): Feed it

When I'm asked how have I lost Weight.... it should be one word....


Mind, Body and Spirit

"Sorry, but I Can't hear you... I'm too busy feeding my Face"

and Salute to your Health and Wellness

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