Friday, January 7, 2011

Stop it or I'll give you something to cry about

Just what  Mom would say when you were whining!

Not because she didn't love you, but she knew you needed to be "shook up" so you'd get perspective on what was worth crying about.

So, you go to put on your favorite Jeans and ..... what? .... You have to lay on the bed so you can button or zip them up!

Oh, right.... they shrank in the Dryer!  oh sure.... start CRYING!

Then you start whining..... I just can't lose weight.... I try, I try, I try.

AHHH stop it, ya whining baby.

YOU HAVEN'T done what YOU KNOW you need to do!

And why not?   Because you don't like yourself!

It's not you being over weight that makes you not like yourself....
       you're over weight because you don't like your self.
             You have NO respect for YOU!  You treat yourself like "%Q#(%"

(you may not realize this.... but I'm having a conversation with myself)

     Stop beating yourself up over this.  
Cry about what is really wrong.
Don't cry because you can't fit into your Jeans... 
Cry because your life is NOT BALANCED  
If it were, you'd respect yourself.  
If it were, you'd treat yourself with respect
If your life was balanced you'd fit into your Jeans

Oh ya... well I've heard all the excuses (used some myself).... it's menopause, it's a thyroid problem, it's  stress.... ahhh ..... oh come on now and face it...  No matter what the blood test shows:
YOU'RE eating High Sugar, High Carb foods!
            GET real yourself.

Unless you say you exercise faithfully three times a week for at least 60 minutes to 90 minutes with cardio and weights - Don't tell anyone it's ALL because of going through menopause or a hormone imbalance or your thyroid is under active.

WHO are you really hurting by not being honest and truthful?  ONLY YOU

If you saying.... I have a hard time saying no to myself when reaching for the cookie jar...
You're right on "you have a hard time saying no to yourself"
   Why, because you're fighting inside yourself.

 Me, Myself and I are at war with each other!

Me = the physical part of you
         hunger, appetite, hormones, chemical reactions in your cells
Myself = is the mental part of you
         oh the years of being conditioned to see food as "comfort", soothing, a TREAT
I =  the spiritual part of you
        "Eve" wanting to take the Apple, being deceived ... hiding from a
         relationship with your God, because you "want to do it yourself"

It's time to get angry and passionate about YOU taking care of YOU

Here is the web site with helpful info on Menopause and excess weight.
Mayo Clinic is one of my favorite sites for reference: 

This blog was brought to you by a person who needed a butt kicking tonight- ME!

Ciao and Salute! To your health and wellness and honesty

I needed a laugh.... this is way too funny

Laughter is the BEST medicine

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