Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How does that Sand Taste?

 I'm currently attempting to study and understand the "physiological" aspect of weight loss, healthy eating and health issues associated with foods.  

It's complicated and mind boggling how the body works. 


Animals instinctively know what and how much they should eat.... 
and WE SUPERIOR beings also know the truth..... We live in a world of Information at our finger tips

However,  this is where my Word  "Balance" comes into play. 

Human, Superior Beings have "free will to choose". 
 We are Free to be smart in our choices or to be stupid in our choices. 

When we are IMBALANCED in our Lives 
we make choices that reflect the Imbalance.
The evidence of our choices is sometimes in our Waist line measurement!  

The evidence of our choices is in our blood test results.  
The evidence of our choices is in our relationships.  
The evidence of our choices is in our pocket book.  
The evidence of our choices is in our Zest for Living ! 
(ok, Zest is a weird word... replace with Energy, Excitement... Joy)

When we are Spiritually, Mentally and Physically  unbalanced -
we choose to eat unhealthy foods
we choose to be in active,
we choose... we choose.... we choose


We choose to close our eye's and stick our heads in the sand because WHY?

Every MORNING we  can choose to take a bite of the "apple"
                                       Making excuses,  holding on to bad habits,  being selfishness,
                                                            living in gluttony, being laziness

Open up our eye's to see what and who is really deceiving us
it's something inside us..... something that needs to be changed


 We CAN choose to say "NO,  I WON'T BE DECEIVED" any longer
 and choose to balance ourselves 
It's not just eating the wrong food
It's not just "not exercising"
It's not just ...
It's why we CHOOSE the wrong foods
It's why we do not exercise
It's Why.....

Our Choice

Now, my question is  WHY oh WHY do I make the choices I make?

That is why I blog
That is why I'm seeking to balance my being Physically, Spiritually, Mentally
      Spending equal thought, time and energy on ALL three

Did you wake this morning thinking.... "hummm what will I have for breakfast?"

What if you woke this morning and said "hummm, what will I feed my Spirit this morning?"

Have you ever wanted a second portion of "devotional time"? (like you do when you eat?)

Have you ever wanted a second session of "exercise"?

Think about it.... cuz I am

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