Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Song: "I don't want it, don't need it, it's not good for me"

Yes I know..... No blogging for the past week.  It's not that I didn't have the desire but I was very happy and busy entertaining .... Long day's!  Although, it shouldn't have been an excuse, it was mine.

As I have said many times. Healthy Patterns and Habits that are rooted in a balanced life should sustain continue no matter what flies your way.   But, no should have, could have, would haves will be spoken.

I caught parts of the Dr. Oz show while  watching TV on a plane the other day. "loved it"
Dr. Oz and I are truly on the same playing field when it comes to the pragmatic aspects of health and weight management.

I guess he had a program that supported people going on a "just ten" challenge.  Just Ten pounds to lose through provided suggestions and advise.  This particular show was about the maintanance to NOT gain back the weight.   Statistics are 9 out of 10 people who diet to lose weight re-gain their weight back. OUCH!  But, I knew that is true... that's why I harp on NO DIETS!   Lose weight and gain health and wellness by CHANGING lifestyle habits!

I googled his show and here is some captured concepts:

 Tips of Maintenance to "keeping the weight off"

1.  Do not eat after 8 pm ( avoid Mindless eating)
2.  At home Eat and Drink ONLY at Kitchen Table
3.  No Snacks bigger than the fist
4.  Snacks should contain 3 grams of Fiber -To assist with "feeling full"
5.  10 minutes of Cardio and 10 minutes of Strength Training daily
6.  Enlist a Friend to support  you- "keeps you accountable"
7.  Do not drink or eat any thing that list Sugar (any type of sugar) as  one of the
     first 5  ingredients

Our Mind is a powerful tool!  So when we speak words our MIND and BODY and SPIRIT  hear those words and RE-ACT.

This holiday season..... be aware of what you SAY about food, eating, snacks.
Even though you  "just LOVE"  to eat a traditional holiday dessert.  DON'T for heaven sakes say the words  "oh, I love those cookies"!  Even though you may.... SAY
"I don't need them, I don't want them, they are not good for me".  FREAKIN SAY IT!
even if your tempted to reach into the platter, face first..... and eat one or two.

Your mind will tell your body "hey, what the heck are you doing"  THEN, to have the Power to not eat them..... pull deep from inside yourself and your spirit to quote a scripture verse that empowers you to "take control over your lust of eating".

Ok, I hear you (even though your not in the room)  "So, what... it's the holidays".
Right!  Is that why your over 20 pounds over weight.... because you only cave in to splurge during the "holidays".  GET A HONEST BONE in your Pudding head.

You C A N enjoy the holidays and not feel your depriving yourself of the pleasures.
When you see Sugar and Food for what they are and should be you'll eat and be satisfied.
You'll not gain weight and increase your cholesterol and screw up your pancreas.

TAKE this season to "love God's Temple"
Re-Gift yourself back to your creator
Be the Best so you can Give the Best   

Speak the WORDS  "I don't need it,  I don't want it, It's not good for me" when you see a table laden with Sweets.

Have a guiltless Holiday by replacing Mindless, lustful eating 
with  using your mouth to 
SPEAK healing, comfort and encouragement to Family and Friends.  
Use your mouth to sing and laugh....  
All those things you cannot do when your mouth is stuffed with food.

Now go to Oz (Dr. Oz web site) and take a look at ton's of fabulous suggestions to
start the New YEAR  (starting today) gaining control of your HEALTH AND WELLNESS

Salute! To your Health and Wellness

PS when you're reaching for something to eat and your NOT even hungry
REPLACE food with an activity that is just as accessible as the food in your pantry.
....sounds silly but:
 do 10 jumping jacks, or run in place for 30 seconds, sing a song out loud.... have paper and pencil by the refrigerator and write 5 reason's why you shouldn't eat something ...... before you grab something to eat.
REPLACE  it!  

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