Sunday, October 10, 2010

What you seek YOU WILL FIND -

Psalm 32:11  

 11 Rejoice in the LORD and be glad, you righteous; 
       sing, all you who are upright in heart!

 Here's a little story:

Instead of doing something I was hoping to do while visiting an amazing city... I was doing something that made someone else happy.  I knew I  had a choice to be happy or "cranky" about it.  If I chose to "pout" and complain....

 it would only upset the other person and NO one would be happy.  Plus, it then would be about me manipulating the situation, person with my attitude to "do what I wanted to do".  I changed my expectation and desires to just "enjoy" whatever!    I played the "Pollyanna" happy game.  It was wonderful.

I chose to make the most of this situation and found things to be "Grateful" for.... Like being with someone I loved and loved me. Being somewhere amazing... even if what I was doing wasn't exactly what I wanted to do. I gave!  and I received!

 I was blessed with peace and even laughter .   

Thank God we have the freedom to chose being Bitter or Better in any situation.
Being better is from choosing to have a grateful Heart.

Do you think this is True?

If you're looking for a "problem" - You'll probably find it
If you're looking for a  "solution" - You'll  probably find it
If you're looking to be "unhappy" in a situation - You'll probably find it
If you're looking for something to "glad" about - You'll probably find it

So, when you're faced with a situation  that isn't pleasant or not what you expected it to be... or stressful or  W H A T E V E R (you fill in the word) I suggest saying :

 "This is going to be great..."  
"I'm going to make this work"    
"I can do it"     
"I'm going to make this fun"

Universal truth about life:  You  usually get what you're  expecting  

What kind of person do you want to be?
What kind of person do you want people to see in you?

Ohh..... there was this picture on the wall in the restaurant we went to today of  
Jacqueline Kennedy  ... It made me think:  

I want to be a women of Grace and Elegance.

I don't think Grace and Elegance goes with Bitter and Complaining!  

 I do think a women dressed in a "Grateful Heart and Gentile Words"  is  the picture of Graceful and Elegant.

So   THINK what you want to have
Think if what you want to have (desire)  is Good, True, Lovely, Honest


SAY what you want to have - Hear yourself saying and speaking thoughts and words that

Think it, Say it, Expect it!

Salute!  To your health and Wellness

Just for the fun of it.... next time your having a mammogram ... play the "glad" game.  LOL


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