Saturday, October 9, 2010

Piece of Pie or Peace of Mind? You Choose

Driving down one of the rural roads near my home yesterday  afternoon.... 
I experienced a moment of peace my heart.

On the left side of this road is a row of gigantic Oak trees that goes on for almost a mile...   It caught my attention  that there leaves seemed to be sparkling as the wind blew through the branches.  Oh, how I've always been drawn to shinny things.... don't raccoons love shinny things too?  That's another story.

As this moment captured my attention and I choose to take a "snap shot picture in my mind" of those magnificent trees with amazing movement and reflective light on it's leaves.  A picture and feeling that I have filed away in my mind and even now I can pull  it out right now and see it.... bringing me a smile and peaceful feeling in my heart.

It occurred to me that I often travel down this road and have never noticed this sight before.  WHY?  I'm glad you asked me!  hahah

Because typical of our unbalanced lives we are caught up in the moment with a "busy" mind somewhere other than where we are.  We MISS so much that has been created for us to enjoy.... We miss the peace that is weaved into these moments because our minds are preoccupied with thoughts miles away from where we are or what we are doing.

In fact.  I even noticed  earlier that day when sitting in a dressing room, waiting for the salesperson to get me another size "skinny jean" (yes, I'm not quite in a smaller pant size YET but I WILL BE)
So......I had a moment of noticing something while waiting.

My body was tense and up tight, my thoughts were negative.... I wasn't enjoying myself.
Yes, seeing my body image in a freakin 3 way mirror with the worse lighting known to mankind.... it was to say the least stressful.

 Going in a department store dressing room is like a Disco party for Cellulite.

Ok, then my mind wandered to the fact that I really wasn't suppose to be shopping  which produced more "STRESS"... but anyone who knows me... knows I'm drawn to "any store" that has an open door.  Love to shop, even if it's just window shopping.  I'm just LOOKING!  I feel so accomplished when I save money ....  too bad my husband doesn't get that concept.  Any way, back to the story.

At the moment I realized where my mind and spirit was.... it was like my body.... "up tight and out of sync" - unbalanced... not enjoying the moment.

Finding humor in the moment... finding an opportunity to interact with someone... enjoying .... just enjoying something about where and who you are.  Being at peace in the moment... being creative in the moment... Listening, looking, hearing.. feeling,  JUST BE IN THE MOMENT!  anyway... I know.... I'm kind of yelling... I'll take a deep breath and then continue my story.

I STOPPED and dropped  into the dressing room chair. 
Sitting on my clothes.... then I
 Paid attention to my clenched hands, 
my shoulders were positioned like ear rings and 
my face showed no evidence of botox injections

I consciously then  tightened and released (relaxed)  my hands, shoulders, arms and legs... then with palms  faced up,  I closed my eye's and took  a few slow breaths .. while reminding myself to be still!  Quite my mind and listen to my body.  Then,  I listened to each breath and then whispered to the Lord asking him to forgive me for not having a thankful heart... then I began to whisper in my mind words of  thanksgiving for what and who I am, for what God has blessed me with....
                                  focused on having a grateful heart, and positive thoughts.

That was wonderful....  I think that was why when I drove home down that long road home I was able to see those amazing oak tree's with their leaves glistening in the sunlight, I  had peace in my heart to enjoy the moment I was in... and not miss the beauty that God put in place for us to enjoy.

Revelation 4:11 

 11Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and Honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

Balance yourself in HIM and find the peace your body and Mind desire.
Do it for your Health and Wellness.  Honor Him by Honoring You.

Salute!  To your Health and Wellness

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