Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tie a string around your finger

Don't forget what it's about  (talking to me)

Honoring myself
Respecting myself
Loving myself

Taking as much thought into feeding my mind and spirit  HEALTHY FOOD!

Exercising my BODY.... but not forgetting to exercise my MIND and SPIRIT too!

Remembering that it takes "Passion" to make changes in my life.  

Never lose the passion

Never lose the "childlike" ..... ok..... child like person in side 

Take risk.... laugh... Hopscotch ..     
So, Why did we stop doing fun stuff?

Honestly.... what's life if it can't be fun?

But to have fun, laugh and be able to Hopscotch.... you HAVE TO BE HEALTHY!

Being the  "perfect" size.... is Nice, but that's not necessarily healthy.  Just because someone fit's into a size 6 Jean doesn't mean they are healthy and feel good.  Trust me, I'm a Nurse who KNOWS THIS!  I see it! 

I CHOOSE to be healthy because I want to F E E L healthy.  

I want to not be out of breath when I walk up a flight of stairs.  

I want to be able to jog more than 20 feet without my legs feeling like Cement post. 

I want to bend over to pick up something and NOT get dizzy!  

I want to be able to climb up onto a counter to dust the top of a cabinet.

                        I never thought these  things  would be such a challenge? 

I CHOOSE to be healthy because I want to be available and free to be a blessing to others.
I want to be a loving, cheerful helpful person. and I can't do that unless I'm healthy! 

That's what I've been talking (blogging) about.

If we are stressed, ill.... feeling like crap.... HOW CAN WE be these loving, helpful, blessing to the people we meet and love. 

I think... (dangerous!) .... I think that we (people) are selfish when we don't take care of ourselves.

Yes, Selfish!  Strong thought..

God gave us a mind, body and spirit..... how do we show appreciation for this gift?  We...Totally NEGLECT it.... expect that God will heal us when we're sick... expect God will bail us out when we do stupid things.... expect God will "give us joy" when we're down. How unappreciative.

Then we make excuses why it's ok to sit and veg and eat snacks of candy and ice cream... and then cry when we can't button up our jeans.  What's wrong with us.... so smart and yet so dumb.

Yikes.....  good preaching to ME!

We are selfish  when we are
    stressed, ill, depressed.... feeding our fat butt's... 
who are we good to or for?   

So, why do we resist taking care of ourselves?   What's the excuse?

Trust me when I say.... if you got a critical diagnosis from the Doctor.... YOU'D MAKE TIME to take care of you.  You'd find the money and  resources to get the help you need. You may even eat stuff you'd never think of eating ... like "barely grass".  You'd stop eating the junk your eating now.

Point is... 
YOU will make the changes when you're at risk for losing  Y O U.

so.... I'm on my mission.  

 B A L A N C E myself.

Don't be a freak and go over board and be eccentric crazy "health nut"

My Advise (although no one's ask me)

Eat healthy foods - fresh, colorful.... organic when possible in reasonable portions!

Feed and exercise our minds and spirits!  EVERY DAY!

Drink 64 oz of water every day!

Get Fresh air and sunshine

TALK positive,up lifting words to yourself - Catch the attitude of "can do"

L O L  

Exercise a grateful heart - embrace life as a gift

HONOR and RESPECT and LOVE yourself


Salute!  To your Health and Wellness

To make these changes takes "balance" :

commit 15 minutes each day to feeding and exercising-
body, mind and spirit!  

My previous blogs  address how to begin  "21 days to Health and Wellness"

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