Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Winning the Game - Day 2

Ok, so you can still win a baseball game even though you don't hit a home run every time you get up to bat.

So, yesterday wasn't a "home run" type of day for me.  
 I GOT up,  Stood at the home plate.  
Took my best shots.... 

I'm in the game and still excited for another day - 
Stepping on the home plate again this morning.

(silly to use a sport's analogy since I'm not really a "sport" type gal... but it fit's perfect)

For I can do everything God ask me 
to with the help of Christ 
who gives me the strength and power.  
Philipians 4: 13

It's absolutely amazing the POWER in His word.   Why oh Why oh WHY do we try to find the strength inside our self?  What is the reluctance to find the strength in HIM!

 John 1

 1In the beginning was the Word, 
and the Word was with God, 
and the Word was God.

Today I've set my Goal

I think I'll make an appointment with myself! 

I WILL spend 15 minutes today in PRAYER  I'm needing to work on LISTENING!  Being Quiet.  Shutting UP.  Being Still.   Golly Geewhiz how do "they" do it.  The whole "empty your mind" and meditate thing.  My mind is always like the TV with PIP going on.   

9:45 am today  I have an appointment with me to do this!

15 minutes today need to be spent getting my HEART rate up!  10 minutes warm up, 15 minutes HR elevated, and 10 minutes cool down.
  Excellent web site for health info:  They have the calculator to figure Target Heart Rate.



Ok, 10 am today I have an appointment with ME to "get my HR up" and thus exercise my heart.  So at 10:10 I'll be starting my aerobics and I'll listen to some up beat Worship music!  "Two, Two... Two things in one"

Next:  15 minutes exercising my MIND.  Oh, freak... still trying to learn Italian.
Why do I try to learn another language when I have difficulty with my first language "English".  English was my worst class, worst grades... worst worst worst.  But, I've gotten this far (even graduated with a Bachelor degree - go figure).

I'll Listen to my Italian lesson's while stretching today at 10 am

There you have it.   MY GOALS for today.  
                             35 minutes today TAKE CARE OF ME! His TEMPLE!

Now Pick up the bat,  get into position..... get the Self talk going... see it in my Mind.... DO IT!  Start Swinging baby!   Cuz I'm a WINNER!

Salute!  To your health and wellness

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  1. We were traveling today so I wasn't as good as I wanted but one day at a time. I need to keep my health as the main reason I want to lose weight and where my set weight is I plan on holding. 40 pounds to lose sounds impossible to me but nothing is impossible with the Lord. Take care.