Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Think before you Eat - Day 3

Day 3

Well, I'm still in the game.  No home run yesterday but.... "that's ok"... I'm still determined to WIN.

Wanting to "be healthy"  is about taking a serious look inside first.

Why to I make food choices that I do?
Why do I make excuses to not exercise?

This journey is NOT about a diet.  It's NOT about saying NO to foods I want...

It's about changing the "want"

It's about WANTING healthy foods.
It's about WANTING to BE healthy

It's about WANTING fresh Fruits and Vegetables
It's about WANTING thoughts directed towards giving life to your body
It's about WANTING to be Spiritually Whole and Well

This is really (when I think about it) about WANTING the Right Things for ME.

This Journey I'm on is to end the battle I have fought everyday for years....
The battle of trying to say NO to something I WANT only to end up feeling Guilty for not saying No.

This is about ending the battle of fighting myself each day about "having to exercise" and then NOT doing it because I really didn't WANT to.

This is about living in VICTORY!  This is about finding PEACE.

This about Living in the Moment and finding Peace.

I NEED TO BE PATIENT with ME.   I've had years and years of developing thought pattern's, habits, live style choices.

Changing Habits, Lifestyles and How I Think.... takes TIME, PATIENCE'S and a Commitment  to Wanting something Better for ME.

  It takes "one day at a time"   "baby steps".... (love, love, love the Movie "What about Bob")

It has never been easy to be patient, but it's probably harder now than at any time in history. 

In a world in which messages can be sent across the world instantly, in which seemingly everything is available for immediate purchase with a few clicks of the mouse, it's hard not to always expect instant gratification. 

But patience remains a valuable tool in life

We don't always get instant gratification, and some of the best things in life require years of hard work and waiting. 

Fortunately, patience is a virtue that can be cultivated and nurtured. 

Copied from:WikiHow.com

It DOES takes  changing how I see food and exercise (I'll deal with that discussion later).

What about YOU who is reading this....

Every time you look at food on the table, at a restaurant, at a store, on TV, in a magazine.... where ever, you  need to say out loud   " is this a healthy choice?" or "is this an unhealthy choice?".

then if it's NOT a healthy choice - SAY TO YOURSELF.... 

I don't need it, don't want it... it's not good for me!   
(make this a little Jingle type song you play in your head  (yes, I know I'm a bit crazy! but it works!)

You have to re-programing your mind on how you see food. Throw out the old paradigms.

If you still choose to eat something that isn't a healthy choice.  DO NOT then put it in your mouth and then say Ummmm, or say "oh, to die for", rolling your eye's like your having some amazing moment.
This tells your brain a message.  It says  "I LOVE this unhealthy crap" therefore "I desire this unhealthy crap".... Yikes!  ahhh the war inside your body between your mind, body and spirit.

Ok, let's say this AGAIN

When you eat... become aware of how your feeling when you reach for a food: "am I hungry?"
.... "am I really hungry with hunger pang's"  or   "am I eating because I'm bored" or  "am I seeking something to satisfy me" (that's a big one!) or   "am I frustrated" and trying to sooth oneself .....

ASK yourself if your not having hunger pangs  "WHY ARE YOU EATING".

You may still eat it but your starting to THINK before you EAT.   Your making eating more purposeful when you ask your self "WHY am I shoving that into my Mouth.

 So, today when "think"  about a meal, snack, treat..... F O O D.  THINK!  
Am I really Hungry?
Is it time to re-fuel  my body?
Is this just a craving?
Why am I thinking about eating?

THEN.... move to

Am I choosing something full of vitamins, mineral, nutrition?

Is the food I'm wanting to choose a healthy choice ?

If I'm seeking something that isn't a healthy choice then let me turn to Jesus (he's with me) and ask if this food I Desire belongs in HIS TEMPLE.  
(if it just increases my blood sugar and or  increases my cholesterol without bringing any nutrition than  probably N O T ! ) Dahhhh. 

For Crying out loud   " T H I N K"   

It's surprising how automatic we  reach for something to shove in our mouths..... or even seek something out when we have a craving (drive 5 miles to the ice cream store)  like a  possessed being... driven by an outside force.

S T O P  the Insanity  (as that crazy women use to scream - She cracked me up... but she had something right).

Today make a commitment:   I WILL THINK BEFORE I EAT!

ASK these THREE Questions!

What's happening that I'm even thinking about eating?  
Is this a Healthy life giving Food that my Body Needs right now?
Am I choosing the right food, portion and time to eat?

This WILL change your world if you start eating purposefully.

John 4:34  

 34 Then Jesus explained: 
“My nourishment comes from doing the will of God, 
who sent me, and from finishing his work.

If you (talking to me too) find you're seeking food when your body has NO NEED for you to eat, than exam "YOURSELF" through His Eye's.  
What are you trying to satisfy?

A Song I love  came from the biblical story about  when Jesus talks with a Samaritan Women.   John 4: 1-42

"Like the Women at the well, I was seeking for these that could not satisfy.... and then I heard my Savior Speaking .... come to the WELL that never shall run dry.  Oh, Fill my Cup Lord..."

Today when your seeking to eat something 
Stop and Think 
Ask the three questions
Then Draw strength from the Lord to make the right Choice.

Salute!  To your Health and Wellness

When your desiring to get healthy.... lower your BMI... Live LIFE Healthy and Well
It's not about a DIET or some crazy "lose 21 pounds in 21 day" program
It's about first cleaning HIS temple and the Re-modeling and Re-decorating HIS temple
to reflect HIM!  That is Living!

God Bless you

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