Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time Spent

Thought for the day

How much time does the average person spend thinking about food and eating?
How much energy is taken up by what and when to eat?
How much money is spent on food?

Isn't it true a great percentage of our thoughts are about:
What should I eat
When should I eat
Where shall I eat

True or not true.  We spend A LOT of time, energy and money on food for our Body.

If we spent as much time, energy and money on food for our Spirit  ... Powerful!

If we spent as much time energy and money on food for our MIND.... Amazing !

Ok, back up..... is the food we choose really for our body our for our lust to please our senses.

Ahhh HA!

Think about it today.

Gotta go lace up!  Time to feed my body some life giving oxygen by a brisk walk/jog.

Salute!  To Your Health and Wellness


  1. I found your little piece of internet the other day and have been reading back posts. I was praying for a Spirit driven way to cope with my addiction to the wrong foods and feel I have found a kindred friend. As Arnold says- I will be for brightening my life.

  2. So pleased that my journey can be an encouragement to others