Friday, September 3, 2010


By Gérard de Lairesse

The senses are represented as women and children engaged in some typical activity and with attributes.
Hearing is associated with music.
Sight holds a mirror.
Taste has a fruit  
Smell a bunch of flowers.
Touch has a bird perching on her raised hand.

What an amazing Creator!  When we stop and appreciate what we have been given as a gift.  Joy should  fill us up and satisfy our souls.

Key word "stop"
Key word "appreciate"
Key word "gift"

I'm sure you've heard, growing up, as I did ...."you take it for granted".

ahhh so true.  

This isn't about appreciating and or acknowledging your senses - all though that could be said.

This is again about "the connection" between our senses and our being.

I've been saying over and over again.  We are body, mind and spirit.

Yet we (maybe just me.... but I doubt that) forget to acknowledge that we are a SPIRIT!

The mind body connection seem to leave out the part about the Spirit.  That, I believe is because the Spirit is weaved into our body, and weaved into our mind. So easy to overlook.  We only deal with the tangible.

Yet, it really can't be separated or ignored.   Nor should it.

I hear often (in my profession)  so many physical complaints.... illness, aches, pains... worries and concerns about sensations or lack of sensations of the body.

Oh, how I would love to discuss the connection between the Body and the Spirit.
The Mind and the Spirit.

I've gave this a lot of thought.  Certainly there are illness and disease that occur NOT because of some spiritual or mental weakness.   Consider the baby or child that develops a rare cancer or a congenital defect.  I'm quite aware of the fact that about 20% of illness do not stem from the connection of the mind and the body.

I truly respect and want to be sensitive to this fact.

I address the 80% of illness, disease, and or complaints that stem from unhealthy thoughts.

Take for instance when you smell a flower. 
   The fragrance may envelop you and bring a smile to your face.  You may close your eye's and feel the fragrance waif through your body, causing you to relax or feel invigorated.  It's cathartic, healing.... soothing. You physically have a chemical reaction in your body when your senses are stimulated.

Yet, you may smell a flower and develop  tension, sadness....loss of energy, maybe a headache!


Well,  a fragrance   may remind you of something that invokes a 
sweet memories. 
 (like tonight  my smelling  the sweet jasmine as I walked in the moon light with the still cool breeze besides me in my old neighborhood)   

Or, for someone else, the fragrance of some flowers  may trigger the recall of a funeral home filled with flowers ... reminder of the loss of a loved one.
And don't you know there are some flowers that do that!  

Yes, we have these amazing senses- touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight!  

BUT it is our mind that takes these senses and creates thoughts that are pleasant or distressful.  Healthy or Toxic.

So, here it is:
Your senses take in a touch, smell, taste, sound, sight
Your mind processes this sense with previous thoughts that are associated with this sense.
You then have a CHOICE to STOP and Think.  If this brings me peace.... all is well and healthy.
If this brings me negative feelings (toxic)... I need to explore this.
Toxic feelings are rooted in Fear.  
Healthy feelings are rooted in Love.

                                                    Ok,  getting toooo deep and it's late!  .....

gotta go to bed and dream sweet dreams....  Fill my mind with "gardenia's"
Yes,  I like that.... pure white petals full of sweet aroma's to swirl around my mind.
Yes,  FILL my MIND with flowers for ME!  (see recent blog on this)

And when I wake in the morning
Then I'll have to go for a "fabulous walk"  
I    W I L L   "still" my mind and use all my  senses to fill my mind, body and spirit with  choose thoughts that bring me HEALTH and WELLNESS.


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  1. I have a small lavender pillow and I really feel that breathing in the fragrance, slowly, helps calm me. Hope you have a great day.