Friday, July 9, 2010

the battle is on


not so much with choices of food or exercise - actually that's great.

it's the war inside my spirit.

there is something blocking my joy.

Maybe, just maybe it is my answer. It's what I've been seeking to complete the concept of living a balanced life.

Yes, I think so.

It's the recognition that something in me needs attention.

I thought this morning it was about "nutrition". Yes, that can difficulty cause a change in energy and then attitude.
Then I thought it was from Lack of Sunshine (a week of overcast clouds!) But, I've had marvelous times in this kind of weather when visiting Disneyland.... or when in the arms of my love... SO NO!

Now, I know.... it's something that ONLY CHRIST can reveal and heal. Oh, I know.... I could spend a kazillion dollars on a therapist. But studies show that the success of most therapy is .... TIME. THen I thought, it's a relationship issue, something bugging me with work, family.... situational! But..... get a grip. Nothing has really changed in my life. It's how I perceive, think... no... something deep that I just can't get my hands on.

So, I'm ready to have a talk with Jesus.

He, completes me.
He, satisfies me.
He, protects me.
He, gives me hope.
He, gives me strength
He, .... yes HE is whom I need to center and balance my life in.

I'm seeking, I'm knocking... I'm calling...

I'm ready for the Lord to help me draw out this toxin in me that is stopping me from having Life "abundantly and full of Joy".

Yes, buzz word of this decade.... Toxic! You got it. It's also something to take seriously regarding our Spiritual walk.
Toxic thoughts, Toxic foods, Toxic Spirits...

yada yada ya!... and blog blog blog.......

I'm now going to pump up the music in my Iphone to sounds and words that cleanse and heal my spirit!

Oh, How grateful I am for Christ and what he did on the Cross.

Thank yo LORD

Salute! To YOUR Health and Wellness

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