Saturday, April 10, 2010

In the Water

I'm reminded again about how we can walk away from peace, joy... health.

Actually, I love stories and parables that paint a picture we can understand.

It is as if we have a choice....

No, it is a choice we make "consciously" every moment.

We can walk into the the river of HIS peace and then climb into the boat where the Lord is the captain.

Or walk into the waters of self pity, anger, unforgiveness, revenge, hatred.... and dog paddle around trying to stay afloat and not drown.

Think about the energy it takes to sit in a boat... no worries of any thing. Even in the mist of a storm you have faith that the CAPTAIN IS Capable of keeping you safe.

Then think about the energy it takes to paddle around in the mist of a storm (of emotions). Heart pumping, muscles becoming fatigue... energy drained. Hopelessness and sickness take over. YOUR STRAINING your body, mind and spirit to survive.

Walking or jumping in to the sea of negative emotion is "natural"... the flesh knows it well.
Somehow people "think" it makes them "feel" better to be angry, harbor unforgiveness, devise ways to "get back".

Walking or jumping into the LORDS PRESENCE is not natural. But it can become a natural reflex once you develop the habit of STOPPING, RECOGNIZING and ADMITTING what your thinking and what you are doing. Being in the "flesh" or being in the "spirit".

That's where I want to be. Knee jerk reaction to conflict, stress, troubles in my life.
"Go to the Mat" oops! I meant "Go the the WORD (boat)"
Just a little Godfather got thrown in there.

Make it a habit until it becomes a Natural reflex of action.

Today, I choose to face a conflict going to the Word. Walking into the River of His peace.
Getting in the Boat (His Word) and trusting God to take care of the conflict HIS way.

Oh, I love this blogging thing! It's such a rich experience (saves on the cost of a therapist!)


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