Friday, January 1, 2010


15/15/15 note:
Today I completed 45 minutes of exercise! - A Beautiful walk In the snow around the house, up and down some hills! Ahh it felt great! Fresh air, sunshine... all of His beautiful nature surrounding me. And the benefit of how exercise (Activities) diminished appetite! Today, I choose to eat smaller portions of foods that were not at the top of my "good choice" list, like "Dutch Apple Pancakes!" Wow, Always a challenge when you have "goodies" around... like during the holidays.
I've found that the Lord answered my prayer and I've had songs in my heart. I've sung out loud today, hummed and la la la around the house (not that anyone wanted to listen to me) but, I've felt HIS joy today! I worked on an old embroidery project I had for 10 years! yikes talk about needing to finish something I start - THIS IS THE YEAR! And, I love that while doing this blog I re-read the book "Who switched off my Brain? Love that book! I'm grateful for His faithfulness to me. I choose to serve him with my life! Yes, 15/15/15 accomplished today - and the day is not yet over.
TODAY I started my 21 days (days it takes to develop a habit) and proud to say - I'm on it. I will develop a new lifestyle of living! I will confess and speak the WORDS.
(Side note: isn't it crazy how when you want to do something that is good - you hit challenges? Things that would seem to distract or keep you from your goal. Well - I'm determined and ready to JUMP over them with the strength of the Lord. )

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