Tuesday, February 15, 2022


 Beginning of day.

The Bible states the Joy of the Lord is my strength 

And our Faith is what pleases God so it is logical to have His strength is to first have faith in God. And faith is a fact but faith is an act.  Abraham was the example in the Old Testament of Faith. Laying his own son in the alter - trusting God. What a great ending! His sons life was spared because of Abrahams Faith. 

Negative thoughts that are not harnessed are so harmful in so many ways. But by the word of God they can be harnessed and actually dispelled.


End of day.

Do you sometimes at the end of the feel like overcooked pasta.  Almost to the point of mush.,  Well,

By the grace, mercy and love of God I end the day exhausted. Physically and emotionally.  Today was a day that I found myself fulfilling the word.  “A Time for Morning” “A time for tears”. But Then as I called upon the Lord, “A time for peace”.  It’s hard to wrap my head around what the past 14 hrs did to my faith and mind.  

The Storm is calmed. Although I am still at sea, in a boat.  Hoping to reach land soon.


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