Friday, February 4, 2022

Day 1
All to often,  I experiencing circumstance and events like being in a storm at sea, kind of  like the disciples experience while Jesus slept, and feeling sick to my stomach and fearful. Mark 4:35-41.      I know that Jesus is with me but I’m still experiencing being tossed around emotionally.  

It is the response that should supersede reaction.  That’s what experience and maturity in Christ should bring.  Responding, not reacting. 


Day 2
Ok, seriously I “CAN DO THIS” !  I’m totally living in the moment. There is a squall coming. (I think that is a nautical  term for storm? So dumb that I need to use a term I’m totally unfamiliar with)    I see the signs.  I must keep focused on the destination. No, it’s not about the journey!  It is about the destination.  Without keeping our eyes on the destination we veer off course.  My destination is clear in my mind.  It’s eternity !  My life is but a vapor in eternity (Jame 4:14) so whatever God has planned for me and what ever he “allows” I “CAN DO THIS”!  After all it is my story.  A story where each chapter is another adventure.  Sometimes a chapter may seem  a little mondane and boring, but that’s ok. I need those respite times. This current chapter has the makings of a nail bitting cliff hanging…. WAIT a MINUTE! Nope, there will be no cliff hanging or nail bitting, because I serve a great and powerful God, who by the way is my Heavenly Father.  And scripturally if I ask for bread he will not give me a stone. (Matthew 7:9).  With HIM, all things are possible.( Matthew 19:26)  He will never leave me nor forsake me. (Deuteronomy 31:6) Yes, when the wind kicks up (and I see signs it will) and the waves start to roll, I WILL BE READY!  I’ll put on my armor (Ephesians 6:11-18)  and I’ll cling and SPEAK God’s promises and Hold on fearlessly, In FAITH!  Because He is with me on the boat.
When He is ready, He will calm the sea’s.  He is my Dramamine (RX) He is my everything.  He is all I need.

Ok, I’ve spoken and heard myself


Day 3
Key word or Phrase.  My experience tells me that there is tremendous power in a word or phrase. When repeated it brings strength and peace. How? Two reasons. One because it re-focuses your mind. Two, the word or phrase conjures up a belief or memory that you believe in and therefore it elicits comfort, peace and even strength. 

Recently my word has been “rollerskate”.  The word pulls out the memory of childhood freedom and an exhilarating pleasure as I glided down the sidewalks by my childhood home.  There is more to it than this imagery.  The scriptures say, Matthew 18:3 “Very I say unto you, unless ye become as a little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven”.  Yes, Our Faith!  Trusting God just as a little child trust their parent to take care of all their needs, and even some wants too.  

So, when the symptoms of anxiety or fear begin to well up within me (and trust me, sometimes we don’t even recognize the trigger that releases these emotions) I just say “ROLLERSKATE” like as if it’s a weapon to shoot down the negative feelings. Or, ok… like a magic wand to wave it away.  It works!

Prior to my coming up with my Key word “Rollerskate” The scripture came to me found while  in a desperate state of fear and anxiety, it was “ALL GOOD”.  Yes, the scripture Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”.  
Oh my it was some moments of tears and rocking back and forth saying out loud… “ALL GOOD, ALL GOOD” and redirecting my mind to this scripture as fear wanted to overtake me as to what laid ahead. The thought behind the words was what ever happens I choose to believe it will be ALL GOOD for the Glory of God. A testimony to God’s healing, goodness, mercy and grace in our lives. 

Last night again, (and for the past few days)…. I  woke in the middle of the night.  Not sure if my dreaming prompted a portal for fear to enter into my mind but I woke with the sick feeling in my stomach and thoughts of events going sideways.  I fought it by saying “JOY”.  Yes, Joy which in Sunday school as a little girl was taught to stand for : Jesus, Others, You.   “JOY”, synonymous for Jesus, but in a beautiful prism of colorful lights.  You see, we fight a spiritual battle for our mind.  The devil wants to defeat us and our mind is where he attacks.  Yes, to rob us of our JOY. To pull us down to the pit of hopeless, helpless, thoughts. Ok, now “refocus” (a conscious thoughtful choice) and think, as I did,  about the fact that we serve a powerful God. The God of the Universe. A God who is a God of Love.  So much so that in order for us to have a relationship with him as like a child,  he sacrificed his own Son to pay the penalty for our sins.  All we have to do is accepted him as our Savior and we’ll live for eternity in His Presence of Love.  Oh my that is pure joy.  So with eternity in our hearts and mind, we should live and breath pure JOY.  Yes, a joyful rollerskating life. But Ahhhh we’re still living and breathing a fleshly life on earth, in  an unfair sinful world.  The sin of the world brought sickness, injury, sorrow and death that separates us from our loved ones.  But again… pull out the scripture: Romans 8:31 telling us we have the victory over death, sickness, trials, troubles.  We are more than conquerors because of Christ. 

So again, how do we face life’s unfair events?  With Christ.  With his promises, With Scripture, With Faith, With JOY.  There is a marvelous song “Center of my Joy”

So as I face an upcoming event that leaves me at times breathless, when in my flesh I have thoughts of an outcome that can be “unfair”, I quickly “respond” by saying:  “ROLLERSKATE”  yes, my Heavenly Father has heard my cry and I trust He has a plan for GOOD.,  Yes,  “ALL GOOD”.  All things work together for our GOOD.  So  …be full of  “JOY” .  Yes, will not be robbed today of walking and singing a Joyful and  grateful song unto the Lord.  I am to be a witness (Influencer) to those around me.  I choose for those around me to see the strength, peace and JOY of the Lord that I choose to have rule my mind, heart and soul.  

Ok, time to go rollerskate!



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