Thursday, February 10, 2022

 Day 7

Waking up an looking at the weather app on my phone to see what to expect today. A Funny thought came to me…. if only we could prepare for the day with a “life app”.  What events, circumstances are on the horizon. Imagine that!  Waking up and seeing  the forecast of  the days events.  Like it’s going to be a bright 😊happy day. No delays, no problems, just a joyful day OR 😞11am today there will be an event that brings sadness and tears.  Yikes!  Will it be smooth and stress free or am I in for a rollercoaster ride?   But the thought about  preparing for the emotional events of the day is valid. That is called “morning devotions” 

Preparing for the day. A huge advantage.  No, life can still knock us off our feet but if at our core we are centered in His Word and His Promises we’ll land in His arms. The scriptures say “be anxious for nothing”Philippians 4:6-8 . So, I’ll trust God with the day.  Expecting Good Things. That’s it. That’s all.

Starting the day Expecting GOOD, Looking for GOOD. Still, it is so important to  to prepare by putting on the armor of God !  But as I said yesterday, knowing the war is won and we are more than conquerors gives me courage and strength. He is with me! I’m not facing it alone. 

I’ve already got a smile on my face by writing this blog.  It’s such a terrific tool to write down my morning thoughts.  It actually has replaced what I been doing for years, writing in my jornal each morning. Yes, a  very  healthy activity. 

Ready for the Day, bring on what it may, I’m living for Jesus, because there is no other way… to Live!



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