Tuesday, February 8, 2022

 Day 5

It’s always a little surprise, yet I don’t know why, that the puzzle pieces come to me and fit perfectly.

This mornings bible scripture. 


The verse implies a type of “surgical”  message as I read this scripture. “The word of God …a … double-edge sword… penetrating and dividing … joints and marrow”.  

I am so grateful for God giving us HIS written word.  It is my strength and my peace all wrapped together as a gift each morning.  

As I woke this morning and felt the cheese grater of anxiety inside me… I began to sing “He touched me..” https://youtu.be/fw41Fw773Ew

Music is the wrapping and bow on God’s Written Word.  Singing actually is a great way to respond to sadness and worry.  Physically as you sing your breathing is controlled. The pace and rhythm of the melody is taken up by every cell in your body. Endorphins are released.   It’s an extremely healthy “response”.  Even just having music playing in the house (love my Sono Speakers)  or in the car (Pandora)  re-centers me (of course, I only listen to music that is uplifting, encouraging praise and worship music).

Ok, I’m lacing up my roller skates, trusting my Heavenly Father to provide and orchestrate the day. 

Off I go…


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