Monday, July 1, 2013

Speaking from the Heart or What's your BMI?

Wadda ya afraid of?   Seriously,  what are you afraid of?

Fear can be a tremendous motivator  and  Fear can also disable a person.

It's strange,  but once again I feel a tug at my heart to speak out about something and it won't let me go until I "blog it".   Gheeze what would I do without the ability to Blog?   Well, what did I do before blog.... I "journalize" (or talked to myself in the car with the windows rolled up).
 It just wasn't as creative and fun.  I love to blog ... and I  get to use pictures!
 I just love that.
Ok, Who or What is knocking at your DOOR?

Tonight as I was getting ready to slip into bed, 
I just felt I had to blog about "Fear".  
Sure enough, I opened up my blog and THERE IT WAS! 

 Good Grief... my last blog was about "FEAR".

Have you ever had a thought that just wouldn't let go... but ya didn't know what to do with it?  Well, if your reading this....  then won't you join me?

What are we really running from?  Oh, I don't mean actually "running".  No, that would mean you're exercising.  Hey, that's true.  There are many people who take up "jogging" and don't realize they enjoy it because it so "cathartic" to their spirit.   Running ... RUNNING... just running!

Wow,  this is too deep for me.  I think it's time to take an assessment of what's "RUNNING" through my head.  Yap,  it's running so fast I can't even see what it is.  But, I know it's there.

Changes  that happen in our life, in our world....    can certainly cause us to feel "insecure", "scared", "weak", "apprehensive"  A N X I O U S...   Hummmmm 
a little like.... "fearful".

Changes that we feels we have NO control over
Changes that came about through NO choice of our own.
Changes.... that "rock" us like an earthquake.  Shaking the foundation beneath or feet causing us to have a sense that we can't balance ourselves.

Since my blogging is all about "HEALTH and WELLNESS"...

let me reel myself back in

FIRST: Stop and ask "Am I afraid?"   BUT DON'T ANSWER right away.... really think about the choices you are making lately, the emotions you've been feeling lately,  the words you've been using lately... Then ask yourself again "AM I AFRAID?"

Are you "A F R A I D"?? of the answer you may have in your heart? Many times our Mind Ignores what is in our heart.  It's called DENIAL.  Our bodies feel it, Our bodies react to it (elevated blood pressure, inflammation, decreased immune system, insomnia, headaches... etc etc etc

Hey, It's ok, we are fragile humans.  Until we stop and exam our choices we may find ourselves "running".... needlessly "RUNNING" expending a lot of energy running "no where".

 The root of "anxiety" is Fear (click here to see the link)

Ask these question:
"Do I experience Joy?"   

"Do I experience moments of Peace?"  

"Do I at times feel Relaxed"

2 Timothy 1:7

 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Put a FACE on what scares you!  
Then dig deep into your soul and find the David in you.  Yes, David.  Ya know.
David and Goliath.  
He faced the BIGGEST GIANT  of ALL. 
 He was able to do this because of  his Faith.  

In fact, the world wanted to equip him with a suit of Amour. 

 But, all he needed was HIS FAITH.  Faith in the GOD of the Universe
the GOD who knows us ... knows our every thought... 
knows our hearts
knows what scares us
And FAITH swallowed up FEAR.

Ok, That's it ! 

NOW...  Listen to YOUR heart
Then SPEAK UP  because "YOU ARE listening" ya just don't know it.

Ciao and Salute to your Health and Wellness!

Running from Fear is sometimes running to the Refrigerator and soothing yourself with a carton of Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream! 

What we "choose" can give us the "blues"
because it leads to a 
 high "BMI" (isn't that cute?)

GO LOOK IT UP : What is your BMI

I blog, to blog....

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