Saturday, March 23, 2013

Go "Balance yourself" or GO "Blog yourself"

It was in April 2009  that I began Blogging FOUR YEARS AGO!   So Surprised! 4 years !!!!

 It has evolved into more than just a place where I can 
"talk to myself" (although I still "freak'uently" do)

This "blogging thing" that  I love  is my  self examination and  discovery of the following:

True Health and Wellness 

is obtained when we seek Balance


 Balance  is when we daily!

    Feed  & Exercise


Spirit,  Mind & Body

Stop and take a deep Breath and then  Exam the condition 
      of your Body, Mind and Spirit!

"The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living"

Some of What I have discovered during my blogging and seeking truth is the following:

  • Being overweight is a symptom of an unbalanced life 
  • 80% of illness are rooted in an unbalanced life
  •  Animals are ruled by instintHumans are ruled by habits
  • Habits are a product of our choices  and can be changed ! 
  • THE war we face is within ourself 
  • When we treat ourself with respect we can win the war 
  • Our body is a temple and needs our respect  
  • Our Spirit is often neglected and overlooked

Ok.... blah blah blah..... blog blog blog...

Now.... GO     " Balance"    yourself !   

Ciao and Salute! 

There is Always Exceptions to what I have said here.... but make sure they are "exceptions" and not just "excuses". 

Oops Not done...

A scientific study  took female rats and divided them into two groups.  It was discovered that rats who exercised  choose the  healthier food when give a choice.  The rats who "were allowed to live a sedentary lifestyle"  choose the high fat foods.

Ah, Confucius says: 
We are better than rats (right?) 

Don't you see.... when you exercise it signals a message to your brain (chemical reaction takes place)  and YOU will make healthier choices in what you put in your mouth! 
     SO.... Make the Choice to Respect and Balance yourself 

Don't forget what I'm preaching  B A L A N C E 

The Same is true for "exercising" your Mind....  

The Same is true for "exercising" your Spirit... 

Please,  Make Better Choices for Life

Galatians 5:22
But the fruit of the Spirit  is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness...

Fruit is produced when we FEED and CARE for the TREE! 

Ok,  That's it.... I done

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