Thursday, November 15, 2012

Doing what is right, isn't easy but it's "right"


Wake up and reach for a CUP OF  the Word of God 

Sometimes the Word of GOD is hard to Swallow.  
Especially when it hits to the Heart of our Soul.

James 4:17

  If anyone, then

knows the good they ought to do 

and doesn’t do it,

it is sin for them.

              Taking care of the Temple.....   is Taking care of YOU! 

Eating Healthy Life Giving Food  (No donuts are not nutritional  & life giving)

Exercising our muscles to thus strengthening our bodies (that includes our Heart)

Thinking  thoughts that are  good, right, holy,  just and the perfect Will of God

Speaking   Truth ...... from the Word of God to ourselves and others

Listening   Active Listening to hear the Voice of God and needs of others

Touching those around us with Gentleness, hugs and Mercy

Shining the Light within us for the GLORY of GOD!

Breathing in His Presence and Exhaling our Fears and Worries 

To your Health and Wellness

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