Thursday, October 4, 2012

INSOMNIA a Time of Healing and Restoration?

The other day I was sending a little word of encouragement to my daughter and wishing her "sweet dreams".  I call these my   "Moments by Mom".  
I thought of the  scripture verse was about the Angels of the Lord Protecting her and her family and God laid on my heart about "difficulty sleeping" 

It then  popped into my head to title it on Facebook  "Cure for Insomnia". (can't say why I ever saw a real connection.... until NOW)

 Scripture verse was Psalms 34:7
The Angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him
 (who revere and worship Him with awe) and each of them He delivers.

THEN, last night before bed I reached for my Bible
  (better than a sleeping pill) and read a little of the story of Esther. 

 A Women who's story inspires me, Esther.... ah, Esther  

Plus, I am amazed and  love this part of the story  of 
how  Women had 
TWELVE MONTHS of beauty treatments!   

Esther 2:9 The young woman pleased him and won his kindness. He quickly began her beauty treatments and gave her carefully chosen foods. He also gave her seven servants selected from among the palace servants and moved her and her servants into the nicest rooms in the women’s house. .........12 Now when the turn of each maiden came to go in to King Ahasuerus, after the regulations for the women had been carried out for twelve months.....
beauty treatments: 
six months with oil of myrrh 
six months with sweet spices and perfumes 
the things for the purifying of the women...

Lordy Lordy... 
Caring for oneself
"now that is: respect of God's Creation"

                          But,  here is what stayed in my mind as I feel asleep.

The KING had INSOMNIA!   Doggon it.... there is is again!  I think the Lord wanted to help me with my sleeping habits that have become a challenge. 

The King had Insomnia...  a very important part of the story that I'd never paid attention to in the past when reading and it set in motion the turn of events.   

The Story of Esther' is about her love of for her people (the Jews)  and her courage to save them from being murdered.  (Boy, do we need to do this today.... stand up and protect the Jews  who ARE our family!) 



Esther 6: 1-3 
That same night, the king simply couldn’t sleep. He had the official royal records brought in, and his young male servants began reading them to the king.  They came to the report about Mordecai informing on Bigthan and Teresh. (They were the two royal eunuchs among the guards protecting the king’s doorway, who secretly planned to kill King Ahasuerus.)  “What was done to honor and reward Mordecai for this?” the king asked.

His young male servants replied, “Nothing was done for him, sir.”

Wow, another side thought is the King offered Esther HALF his Kingdom!  But, she choose saving her people the Jews!  In return God Blessed her richly  ( ya gotta read the end of the story). 

Anyway, the point is this.   
The next time you have a restless night and can't fall back a sleep ask the LORD 

"oh lord, I why am I awake at 3 am?  

Ok, Lord... I will use this time to pray and worship you!  Take this time   .... for such a time as this.... to  revere and worship you with awe 
(as it says in Psalms 34:7).

Right!   Maybe this is the ONLY time the LORD can capture your attention!  Think about it.  Middle of the night.  No distractions.  

 It's quiet, the phone isn't ringing.  No one is asking you for anything.

Take this time (middle of the night)  to feed and heal your soul

1.  To think and ponder about how amazing God is.  To list your blessings (kind of like counting sheep).  

2. To Pray for those you love who maybe you have concerns for or worry about.  

3. Maybe this is the time when you need to harness your resentment or frustration at someone or something and give it to God so you can have peace in your heart.

Just a thought.....

Maybe it's not a coincidence that you are awake in the middle of the night. Maybe the Lord is trying to get your attention.  Maybe this is the TIME you need for feeding and healing your SOUL.

As they say:   Take Lemons and make Lemonade

Take Insomnia and turn it into a blessing 

ahhh  ..... to feed and heal your soul

Ciao and Salute to your health and wellness

(anyone want to be my editor?.... LOL)

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