Wednesday, February 1, 2012

lose 10 pounds

What the flip-pen sugar doodle!   (my nice way of expletives)

I have 10 stupid dumb "Super Glue like" pounds to lose and it's ridiculous why I haven't Lost it yet!

What is my recipe for success?  
What ever it is, 
I guess I'm not following it.

Well, I am making a 21 day Commitment and by gosh by golly I'm going to get it DONE!
No more kidding around.

Studies show that it takes 21 day's to form a HABIT!
10 pounds and 10 Steps to LOSE IT!

  DAY ONE:  Get a Plan

TEN things to do to Loose TEN POUNDS....

1. Drink (ha ha... I know what you're thinking... )
W A T E R 
if half of my weight in ounces  is how much water I NEED to maintains my body
than add 25% more to cleanse and detox during weight loss.
I will need 13.5 glasses (8oz) of water a day

Drink Organic GREEN TEA  drink not less than five cups of a drink. Click here for the link to this information

2. Eat Organic  HIGH FIBROUS  foods
 If you consume 1600 calories, eat 22 grams of fiber per day. Click here for the link to this information

Low Carb!!!!   NO WHITE FOODS (potatoes, sugars, flours)

3.   EAT  SIX small Meals a day:   
200 calories at each Meal! = 1200
What stinks is if I am inactive I can only have 1600 calories a day  JUST to maintain my weight!  If moderately active I can have 1800 calories a day.  NO KIDDING why I slowly gained the menopausal weight!Click here for web site that has this information

4.  NO eating after 6 pm!!! Click here for an article on not eating after 6 pm unless your training to be a SUMO Wrestler

5. Eat less Carbs a day (for my body type)
Click here for information on Carbs in the diet

THE NEXT 5 things are A L L about 
Balance for weight loss

If I'm really really serious and committed to weight loss than move my FAT ASS
30 minutes - 45 minutes  EVERY STINKIN' DAY!   LINK is HERE
God didn't create us to drive in a car, sit in a seat and drive up to a window for Food

7.   Replace EXCUSES  with Exercise:
STOP using excuses!!!! Do you use the excuse: I have a  slow metabolism!
LINK here read about dumb "Excuses" and CLICK here too!

8. THINK what you want to be by CONFESSING POSITIVE words of encouragement
You are your best, best friend.  Talk to yourself, coach yourself.  YOUR WORDS ARE POWERFUL.  Even if you don't "feel" like exercising... say "I LOVE TO EXERCISE"
after a while your body and feelings will believe what your SAYING.
If if you Love love love Ice Cream... SAY "I don't like it because it's bad for me, therefore I don't need or want it".   When you look at it say "Ohhhh, that is poison for my body... "I don't want, I don't need it.... It's no good for me".... chant this every time you see rich, sugar laden, fat infused pastries, cookies, cakes, desserts!

9.  Change Attitude & R E S P E C T yourself.  Ok, so your body is a reflection of
your choices.  When your FAT (just hitting below the belt) it's a symptom of an unbalanced life.  POOR choices that are a result of NOT RESPECTING your body is (should be) the temple of a LIVING GOD!  For heaven sakes... S T O P punishing yourself. If you over eat or eat Non-nutritious high calorie, high fat foods  than you're no different than someone who picks up a CANCER STICK and smokes it!
there.... I said it  (preaching to the preacher)

Weight problems are (I believe a spiritual battle!)
Yes, number 10 .... DRaW Strength from the one who created you.
SPEND TIME when Exercising to Talk, Pray, Cry... Petition.... LISTEN to the One who loves you so much he sent his ONLY begotten SON to D I E for Your Sins....
so you could have POWER over SIN.    And baby.... Gluttony is a SIN!  look it up in the bible  CLICK here for what I'm saying SEVEN Deadly Sins that will destroy your life

For the Next 10 days I will write about each of the 10 steps.  (this is my homework)
Oh by the way..... did you know that BLogging is my Journal..... LOVE IT!

to your health and wellness

I gotta run   
YES I mean really run... walk fast, jog, BReATHE, Pray and Pull it together

I want to REALLY live in Health and Wellness!  Just how God intended me to live

IN VICTORY, LOVE, and the ability to face whatever "sugar" faces my day

(Yap.... sugar is the substitute word for "sh...t)

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