Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Steps to Weight loss? Laugh the weight off

Whether it's 10 pounds or 100 pounds.... same battle....  it takes "one day at a time"
Baby Steps!

Click here for a good LAUGH!     Baby Steps Book "You Tube".... TOO FUNNY!

Hey, have you ever thought if you lost ONE POUND a week, in one year you'd lose 52 pounds!
Too bad it's easier to gain a pound a week than lose a pound a week.

My approach to "getting healthy" is a "Baby Step" mentality.  Take it slow and easy and get r done.

So..... I'm still on the  "recipe to lose weight" gig thing (see previous blogs this month)

Step ONE: ABCD thing (11/10/11 blog)
    A - Admit your fat and need to get in shape
    B -  Background work about your Relationship with food
    C - Check your habits:  good, bad, lazy, sad
    D - Discover yourself: who and what you are and what you want

Step TWO: (11/14/11 blog)
   Balance your life: Physical, Mental and Spiritual

             Now today's blog must be Step THREE

DETOX  and Fasting!  Start any dieting with fasting and then begin to detox 

Detox: (think Balance)  Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

Mentally detox your Thinking 
I have a great book to read on how to do this.

It's by Dr. Caroline Leaf
"Who switched off my Brain".  

This is a fabulous look into how we actually alter our brain by our thoughts.  TRUE!  Scientific proof   that shows the damage, illness and disease caused by thoughts of unforgiveness, anger, fear.  Fascinating book!  She has a whole section on "how to detox" the brain.

Spiritually detox your soul.  This is Paramount to your physical and mental well being.  Why is it people are so afraid to act on the belief that we are "Spiritual Beings"?  Is it because when we think of  being "spiritual" we tend to think of  being "Religious"?   Stand up and be bold for what you think and believe.

Stop being intimidated by people and LIVE like you really  BELIEVE your a spiritual being!    

 I'm not afraid  of speaking what I believe.  I believe we are spiritual beings that  should serve the God that created us.  I don't want to be like Eve (in the garden) and be deceived  that I can be my own God.   Every time I've tried that in the past I have either failed or been  left feeling empty.  Ok, enough

Physically detox your body.
 One of the first books I found was by Don Colbert, MD  books I read that opened my eyes about toxins.  There are many good books that give step by step details on detoxing.
The latest is RAW FOOD CLEANSE by Penni Shelton.
*note:  I DO NOT endorse colonic cleanses!   As a Registered Nurse who has worked in Gastroenterology,  I do not believe this is a healthy beneficial practice.  I believe in a Natural colonic cleanse  through diet, exercise and ... yes occasional fasting.

Believe it or not, but Kirstie Alley  opened up the gateway to "Organic Dieting".  I truly believe that toxins (pesticides) in our foods are one of the culprits of  why  one in three people in the US are OBESE!    She is "right on" about  the hazards of  using "prepared diet meals" that are "PREPARED PROCESSED FOODS".

  Let me simplify it  (I like simple concepts)

  1. Eat ORGANIC raw foods as much as possible  ( Nutritious, full of FIBER foods!)
  2. Flush with at least 8 glasses of water (don't count  herbal tea or  coffee which is a diuretic, or juice)
  3. Exercise ! This frees your lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, lymph system to DETOX how it was intended.
  4. FAST!   Start out easy by fasting one meal a day
  5. If it's process and if it's white... RUN! 


Try this: Monday to Thursday (let's be honest, weekends are a challenge ) 
Day one:       Fast  only Breakfast   
Day two:       Fast  only Lunch
Day three:     Fast  only Dinner (hardest meal to fast for most of us "grazers")
 Day four:     Fast Breakfast and Lunch and Dinner!    

There are many forms of fasting.  Some drink just water, other's drink juice.  The point is can you say NO to food?  The point is can you cleanse your system for a day and focus spiritually on taking charge of your "eating". 

If you have difficulty  fasting.... it's a spiritual battle!  You're resistant to denying yourself something.  You're not respecting your own desires.  You're in a battle with yourself. Deal with it Spiritually! 

Hey, try this:   Try for one day (better if you do it for  5 days  Mon-Fri)  NO FOOD after 6 pm! 
   Talk about a challenge!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "vitamin guru"   A Multi Vitamin is needed,  and the newest research about Vitamin D!  absolutely. High incidences of Cancer with low Vitamin D levels.  Link to Vitamin D info:
Go to this link and read this:
If you are obese, Vitamin D is extracted from the blood by fat cells, altering its release into the circulation. People with a body mass index of 30 or greater often have low blood levels of vitamin D.  HUMMMMM!  

I'm probably the worst at remembering to take my vitamins.

However,  I have no problem drinking an EmergenC mixed with KYO Green every morning.  It's the "Pill" thing.  I must have an adversion due to something ...... ok, I need therapy!  hahaha

VITAMINS!   I'm really liking "Garden of Life" vitamins.  It's a product from Jordan Rubin (link)
Check out Jordan Rubin's story of how through diet WON the Battle with Crohns Disease  
(fascinating and encouraging true story)

One last thing about Detox and Fasting....  POOPING!

Did you know:
Dr. Kellogg lived to be ninety-one. He was a noted physician and surgeon who believed all diseases were due to improper functioning of the colon - primarily constipation.   One of his patients was  C.W. Post,  These two men developed many of the cereals marketed around the world today including Kellogg's Corn Flakes and Post Toasties.!   In the early days these cereals were filled with colon-cleansing fiber.  Over time, however, processing methods have reduced the fiber content drastically.

I'll END with that!

Poop yourself to health and wellness!  


(I think my blogs are repeating themselves) Time to go and watch "What about Bob"  I need a laugh

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