Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stretch YOURSELF - Just DO IT

Stretch yourself   W  H  Y?

The primary purpose of stretching is to make the muscles longer to provide a greater range of motion at the joint, or joints, over which the muscle crosses. Stretching can, in fact, has the opposite effect of warming-up, by promoting relaxation instead of increased activity. The Purpose of Stretching Web Link

Think of that! The benefit of Stretching is RELAXATION!

Like when your neck and shoulders are tense almost to the point they hurt.  You  shrug your shoulders and rotate you head from side to side.... may be stretch your arms over your head... all in attempts to loosen and relax the tense muscles.

You have to STRETCH Muscles to RELAX  Muscles

Let's get down to it.  


I just explained why PHYSICALLY we need to Stretch !!!  Apply this to your SPIRITUAL BEING.   Oh, That's right.... we would never on our own attempt to "stretch our Spiritual being", No need.   

God made the provision that our DAILY LIFE attempts to Stretch us spiritually.

We face challenges and stressors with our health,  with Family, Friends, Work, Finances  and Life in General....

"NO, I won't get out of BED..... I'm not ready to face the DAY "
what your really saying is "I CAN'T FACE LIFE"
Instead of stretching ourselves Spiritually, by lifting high our thoughts towards heaven and stretching our being to reach out for our Creator, we shrivel up in a corner, retracted and Afraid. 

So why all the resistance to "stretching" ourselves spiritually?  
why do we do that when, IT is GOOD FOR US!  

It will Strengthen our spiritual walk, 

 Through stretching spiritually our hearts will less likely be "broken" and well less likely be " emotionally fragile" because we are more flexible and strong.

 when Life's insults, drama and heartache's come our way 
(whether we attempt to doge it.... it's mostly smacks us in the face on a daily basis). 

MENTALLY stretching our selves?  THAT my dear friend is something we attempt to avoid!
We turn on the BOOB TUBE and use the "excuse"  I just want to relax and take my mind off things.  Really?   Do you know your mind is still engaged and working while watching TV?
The difference is that you've given your mind to be directed and influenced by whatever is on the TV.  Maybe, you choose stimulating shows, informative shows.... whatever.  But the Point is
how are you "STRETCHING" your mind .... challenging your thinking?  Ahhhh think about it, cause I am.
Could it be because you're NOT in SHAPE to HANDLE LIFE??????

Point of today's blog.... Stretching our bodies is  all about moving our muscles slightly beyond their comfort level.  Becoming more F L E X I B LE 

Stretching our self physically, MENTALLY, and SPIRITUALLY too! will make us more Flexible in life to handle what comes our way!

Optimal HEALTH and WELLNESS in our lives "demands" us to not resist   
STRETCHING ourselves  daily .....  




God Bless you today in your pursuit for Health and Wellness

"God is faithful, 
and he will not let you be tested (STRETCHED) 
beyond your strength 
but with your testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it" 
1 Corinthians 10:13


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