Thursday, July 21, 2011

Squat! Make it a habit.... LOL

Oh, come on!    Can ya just do ONE THING everyday for 21 days?

it's all about habits
it's all about balance

It seems to be such a struggle for me to do just ONE THING every day, consistently.

Like taking vitamins.   Most of the time I remember, but I sometimes forget to take them.

I guess I'm back to the same root problem.....hummmm I forget.... what WAS or IS the root problem?


Not doing what I know I need to do everyday for HEALTH is "not taking care of me"

Habits are just a product of the subconscious.  They develop from....?

Ok, back to the beginning.

For the NEXT 21 days I will FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on doing ONE thing every day until it becomes a HABIT (takes 21 days to form a new habit).

Until it occurs without me thinking about it... Until I feel uncomfortable, restless until I DO IT!

Ok,  Here is my 21 day challenge:

how I really feel about a challenge!

                           Every, and I MEAN EVERY morning I WILL:

1.   Take my Emergen C pack with my Kyo Green Powder, My Multi Vitamin (love the one's I just got,  from Garden of Life... RAW vitamins... but that's another blog).

                                  Every, and I MEAN IT, every morning  

2.  I WILL BLOG (my devotional time). 

Great, that will take care of the BALANCE of starting a New Habit.
I will Physically take my Vitamins (for my Body)
I will Spiritually and Mentally prepare my Body, Mind and Spirit for the Day.

        Ok, I think I'll throw in... 

3.  10 leg squats every morning.  Why this?  It's the ACT of doing an exercise  is important to reinforce exercise SHOULD BE A HABIT... 
How to do leg squats! YOUTUBE video (get serious)

When we are vague with our selves, it provides an excuse to not do something, to not be committed!  So just saying "I'm going to exercise" ... is vague.  Saying, I'm going to jog 15 minutes, or saying I'm going to get on the Treadmill for 15 minutes... BE specific if you are making a commitment! 

It's all connected.  I see and hear of this everyday!  My Patients and Family are living examples.  When faced with a Challenge (life event),  when faced with an illness, when faced with a task.....

                   YA just need to stop, 
                           Breath and think "BALANCE".

Ask these  Questions when facing a Challenge (stressful situation):

Where am I Physically? 
(what's happening? what are my symptoms?
where do I hurt? Am I feeling weak, tired... good, great? )

 Where am I Spiritually?
(what's happening in my Spirit, Am I empty or full? Am I trusting ME, or Trusting the God of the Universe who loves me)
Where am I Mentally?
 (what is happening in my mind.. what are my thoughts, are they uplifting or positive? Am I defeating myself with negative Nelly thought?)

I Peter 5:7

…casting all your care upon Him, 

for He cares for you.


There I did it!  
Reality Check!  This isn't going to happen

I started to talk about a need I know that I have.  
A weakness that I want to deal with.... "lack of consistency in my life with task that I know are important for my health"

and through my .... talking to myself about "balance" I  have found inspiration and strength to tackle and overcome it! 

When I think of how much God cares for me.... 
it re-arranges my brain to think about how much
 I Need to CARE ABOUT ME!  

Through my devotional time this morning ....

I just balanced my Thoughts (mind), 
My spirit (scripture to feed my soul and encourage me), 
and now I will  balance my body by stretching and taking my stinking vitamins! 

I will (commitment) for the next 21 days do these three things every MORNING

I can do it:

Take my vitamins
10 leg squats

Ciao and Salute ! to your Health and Wellness

(my blog is my quest for Optimal health and wellness with the  added benefit of being my ideal weight)

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