Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get Ready for Summer Diet

It only takes ONE match stick to burn down a building that took a 100 men to build

All the efforts and gains you make towards change 

can be dashed into a pile of dust 
with ONE wrong decision.  


Don't you know it may take you  7 DAYS to lose  5 pounds but ONE "stupid" DAY of gluttony and not "caring" to put on 5 pounds!  (was the Easter candy really worth it?)

So why?  
      WHY ...  W H Y...  oh....   W H Y  
                   do we do that to ourselves? (pig out)
                                (see answer below... hint:  it has to do with balance)

That, my friend is my Journey and my Quest.... for "self discovery" of why and how I can throw "common sense" to the wind!

Here's a story...

As I passed by a co-worker the other day, I asked "oh, you look tired".  The flood gates opened and she poured out for the next minute (seemed like several minutes)  ....the excuses "I'm not sleeping.... It's this cold gloomy weather... I have no energy.... my body is achy...  I think I'm getting sick" ........etc

                            I then said  
              "so, what really happening in your life ?"

ahh,   she then looked me in the eye's and  softly spoke
     "I went to my 26 year old Nephew's funeral 2 weeks ago, and
        last night I found out my Aunt has stage 4 Cancer"

People, People People..... I have said it and will continue to preach it


it's all about balance

When you feel a physical aliment... S T O P   and take a deep breath and ask your self this question:

What is happening around me that is affecting me:  


if you don't properly take the stress your  facing and constructively deal with it 

using  your MIND, your BODY and your SPIRIT 

you'll be  a walking mess

ALL THREE need to be engaged when faced with STRESS- LIFE
                                                      Hey Did you hear me say balance?


2. SPIRITUAL:  PRAYER  (talking and listening to your Creator) and
                         READING your INSTRUCTION MANUAL (Bible)

3. MIND:          Stopping Negative WORDS (can't, never, always) and THOUGHTS
                         SPEAKING words of encouragement - POSITIVE thinking

So, you want to get ready for the summer!   Be in shape to wear a bathing suit and Swim  and Ride a Bike, Play a game of Bocce ball?

It only takes ONE moment to make a Decision to CHANGE your  Lifestyle (life)


It takes BALANCING your Moments to make your CHANGE into Healthy Habits

Ciao and Salute!

To your Health and Wellness 

I  think that Big meant "mature"  not Fat

Start making mature choices

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