Monday, March 7, 2011

Are you Healthy? Am I Healthy? Is everyBODY Healthy?

Am I Healthy?   

Are you Healthy? 

Hummmm,  let's see

How do you know if you're healthy?

Here are symptoms that may indicate "a decline in health":

      Increase in waist size!
      Increase in BMI  (nice way to say your fat)
      Spells of feeling queasy, dizzy, headaches
      Lack of energy
      Sleepless nights
      Irritability- outburst
      Shortness of breath or chest pain when attempting a jog or walking up several flights of stairs
      Irregularity in ya know what...
      Frequent colds
      Aches and pains in joints
      Easily fatigued
      Bloating, heartburn, indigestion.... GAS
      Inability to concentrate, lack of focus

Ok... using this as a guide 
                 then to say you are healthy could be the following:

1. You have a Waist!  

Measuring your middle Mayo Clinic information "click here" for link

You know you've gained some inches around your torso, but how can you know whether it's an unhealthy amount? You can calculate your body mass index (BMI) or waist-hip ratio, but researchers have found that simply measuring your waist can tell you whether you have an unhealthy amount of belly fat. In fact, BMI may not be an accurate measure of body fat percentage or fat distribution, particularly after menopause.
To measure your waist, run a tape measure around your midsection at about the level of your navel. Breathe normally, don't hold your tummy in, and don't pull the tape so tight that it presses your skin down. In a woman of healthy weight, a waist measurement of 35 inches or more indicates an unhealthy concentration of abdominal fat. Some research has shown that a measurement of 33 inches or more, no matter what your weight, increases your health risks.
2.  You have a healthy BMI
3.  You have energy and strength to handle your activities
3.  You sleep well - at least 6 hrs of sound  uninterrupted sleep
4.  You exhibit patience in stressful situation... 
       you are tolerant, and pleasant to those around you.  

You have a positive, up beat disposition... your kind and thoughtful

5. Regular Normal Bowel Movements (great indicator of health)

Good GI Health link for info on GI health" click here"

Tricks to keeping your poop on track are simple ones: a healthy diet high in fiber, lots of water, and regular exercise.
“Generally, 20-25 grams of dietary fiber per day is recommended, and for many people, you get this much in a healthy diet,” Esrailian says. “If you are having infrequent bowel movements and are experiencing discomfort, then the first easy way to correct it is to increase dietary fiber through food, supplement, or both.”
High-fiber powerhouse foods are whole-grain cereals and breads, fresh vegetables and fruit, and nuts. Usually, a day or two of a fiber-focused diet will put your trips to the bathroom back on track.
Proper hydration is also key for your colon, ensuring you have enough fluid in your body to move stool through the digestive track and out the other end on a regular basis, Esrailian says.
Exercise is also beneficial for your bowels. It helps improve GI “motility,” he says, and can often alleviate constipation by improving your metabolic and digestive processes.

     6.  Able to Jog, or climb stairs  without passing out or getting chest pain

     7.  Seldom sick, and quickly fights off beginning symptoms of illness

     8.  Sharp focus and Mind when preforming task

     9.   You choose healthy foods that nourish your body... 
             not your lust for eating or "MINDLESS" eating.....

   10.  You exercise 3 times a week  or 30-45 minutes (minimum)  

   11.  You are a loving , giving person  asking for nothing in return

12.  MY cardinal sign of Health is that you LAUGH often and 
         it's genuine laughter

Being Healthy is Living Life to the fullest

Enjoying Life

Seizing the moment

Taking on Challenges and making yourself Stronger, braver, better not bitter

When Asking yourself "am I healthy"  Look at the three areas of your life
Are you Physically in good shape?
Are you Mentally in good shape?
Are you Spiritually in good shape?


MY Point is... to be truly healthy.....

I believe you must  BE HEALTHY:




Therefore work on all three areas of your life every day!  

                             If I am angry at someone... 

       Mentally I'm unhealthy because my anger is robbing my thoughts!

       Spiritually I'm unhealthy, because I'm committing murder in my heart towards this person

                                                         .... and that anger will   

       Physically : unresolved or chronic anger will actually make you physically ill

                          Anger disrupts my sleeping, eating and functioning!   

Make "being" healthy a PRIORITY in your life or you won't have a life!!!

Well, that's my thoughts tonight.....

"Now go Balance yourself" and get healthy

Ciao and Salute to Your health and Wellness

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  1. I prefer the abdominal exercise in which you don't have to contort or bend your body in half on the floor. For example... you could do knee raises while on a pull up bar. If you don have the strength to hold yourself up, use some arm straps. In my opinion... doing that exercise is not only way harder and more effective than sit ups..