Friday, February 18, 2011

Buon Viaggio: Hold on tight it's going to be the ride of your life

Wisdom is choosing to do today 
what you are going to be happy with later on. 

It's Your Trip!
You Choose
(just remember it's a ONE WAY TICKET) 

Yes, You can change the direction of your trip, even make a U-Turn... but you CAN NOT change where you've been.  So be cautious with the route you have chosen. To which you choose every morning when you wake up!


Your answer to losing weight in a healthy way and keeping if off is not about buying another diet book or scouring the Internet for the latest and greatest methods of weight loss.

  It's really about coming to the end of yourself 
and the beginning of God.  
He is the Source of all wisdom and power.  

Philippians 1:6   

being confident of this, 
that he who began a good work 
in you 
will carry it on to completion 
until the day of Christ Jesus.

FOOD When you eat organic foods, you reduce the amount of toxins, pesticides and other unhealthy chemicals taken into your body, and you give your body the best fuel it can get to make it function the most effectively. Though the prices on organic foods might steer you in the other direction, your body will thank you for investing in these foods.
Peaches are one of the fruits containing the highest amount of pesticides. The thin skin of peaches means that after they're subjected to pesticides and herbicides, they really sink into the fruit. If you can't find organic peaches, go for a fruit with a thicker skin instead.

EXERCISE Until about a decade ago, scientists did not believe that old brains grow new neurons. That assumption has now been overturned. One study, published in the journalGerontology, showed that as little as three hours a week of aerobic exercise increased the volume of gray matter (neurons) and white matter (connections between neurons) in the brains of elderly patients.

More Proof You Can Exercise Your Way to a Younger Brain… CLICK HERE

Vigorous exercise is best. But even if all you have time for on some days is a walk around the block… or 20 push-ups… or 10 minutes of stretching before bed… do something! And don’t skip a day for the next two weeks. After that, you will already be feeling better. And you will have momentum on your side to continue.
Regular exercise can literally turn back hands of time. A lifetime of activity is the best thing you can possibly do to maintain your youth.

Spiritual Health  

Do I have a growing relationship with God  through regular quiet time in His Word and prayer?

Do  I respond to challenges with peace and faith rather than anxiety and fear?

Do I avoid using addictive behaviors (food, television, busyness, etc.) to meet my needs?

that we make spring forth 
out of  
"OUR BALANCE" (equilibrio) 

    When we make choices that do not lead to Health and Wellness ....

....It is probably because we are imbalanced in an area of our life:  
Physical  and or Mental  and or Spiritual

 We CHOOSE the Route we take

     buon viaggo!

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