Thursday, February 3, 2011

My blog is my devotional - 

This morning the sun rose and so did my spirit ... 
but ONLY when 
I began to FEED MY SPIRIT.  

It seems that January 1st of this year ushered in this desire and focus.  In Balancing LIFE I have become acutely aware of the Malnutrition of my Spirit over the years.  OH, ya... Sure... church.... prayer... reading the bible... BUT No real commitment on a daily basis.  It was just "kind of" attempted when I thought about it or was in a crisis.

Isn't that the same in our desire for Health (BODY)... When we start to feel sick or have an injury... THEN we pay attention to our "Nutrition".

HUmmmmm Exercise... Not sure if there is something that triggers us thinking about the "Nutrition" of our Muscles and Joints?  Maybe.... no.... I don't think there is.  Too bad.  Muscles and Joints need EXERCISE to bring oxygen (nutrition) for our muscles and  Stretches for our Joints!  

Guess, it's when we find ourselves unable to go from a squat to a standing position without assistance we think about... it... but all we say it...

"oh, I am getting old".  
Instead of the truth... 
"oh, I AM OUT OF SHAPE"!  

That brings me to the Mind.  Nutrition for the Mind.... what is the reminder that it's not getting the nutrition it needs.  Yes,  our mind need to be exercised and receive nutritious foods too.  Maybe the sign of "mental fatigue"... just plain weary of life, stress, people...
Unclear thinking.... feeling like in a fog, forgetful...

Maybe " Ruminating" about something disturbing that has happened.

Nutrition for the 

Balance it!   

Balance your Body -  What you Eat, When you Eat, Why you Eat, Where you Eat
                                How you Eat
                                Eat portions no bigger than your fist!
                                Eat a variety at each meal of Fresh Organic Colorful Foods
                                Balance Fibers, Fluids, Fats in your Diet

Balance your Body - Exercise and Stretch Daily (just like your body needs food every
                               day... so does your body need to stretch and move!)

Balance your Mind - Re-write past experience.  Use a Colorful Pen of Forgiveness and
                               understanding when thinking of events of the past
                               Check all your  ideas and Thoughts against the following
                               Is it "true... pure... honest.... kind... thoughtful.... loving?"
                               See it or the person through the "eye's of Christ".

Balance your Spirit - Feeding it the Word of God... Memorize a scripture each day or
                               week! Feed upon music that uplifts and re-focuses your body and
                               "Give" thanks and Praise to God  equal to "Asking"
                                God for things and equal to "Receiving"  what God has for you.

Too much of anything can be a problem
Too little of anything can be a problem
              BALANCE !

NO giving UP!

Proverbs 24:16-18  

16 for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, 
   but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes.

When seeking to "get healthy" with a change of Lifestyle (Exercise and Healthy Foods)
It's easy to become discourage and say

AHHHH..... Forgetaboutit!

But, think about someone you admire who has achieved something great.
It's quite difficult to believe  that they NEVER had a moment of failure or discouragement
or set backs.... 
THEY obviously ..... Did not  GIVE UP



Stop being a Cry Baby
 NEWS FLASH:   You're not the only one that is overwhelmed with life!


Desire and then SEEK : A healthy life that is  full of life, joy and love

Every morning is a NEW START!  

When you're struggling.....

 You need:

Fresh Wholesome Organic Colorful Foods
Exercise and Stretch
For your Body... For your Mind... For your Spirit....

and  believe it and then

Ciao and "Salute" to your Day!  

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