Monday, January 24, 2011

Livestrong! Hula Hoop....

This is Real (read below)..... it's not just about your Figure!  

Think of it this way.... 
You reduce the measurement of your waist for your health and the in return.... oola la  ...

 The FOCUS should be about your Health

The Motivation should be  all about :  Health and Wellness

The Inspiration should be "respecting and Loving yourself"

When you're Healthy.... you feel Well
when you feel Well....
You are ready to face the world and the Challenges that come your way 

Here is the link for the info on "your waist" measurement
Article from  LIVESTRONG (Great Web site)


Visceral fat is a type of abdominal fat that is associated with an increased risk of several serious diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. 
Visceral fat lies deeper in the body and surrounds the organs, unlike subcutaneous fat, which lies just under the skin's surface. 
The visceral fat acts like an organ 
and produces hormones and chemicals that can be harmful to the body
If you have a large waistlinespeak with your doctor about changing  your diet and exercise routine  
Ok, GET serious about your HEALTH Today or tomorrow you will be_______ (fill in the blank)
 And, for the record.... A Girdle isn't the answer

"Beauty is Pain"  I what I was told in those day's
I'd rather exercise every day than wear those things again!

doing the Wii for Fit Program

      I'm telling you.... The Wii is the Ticket to get into Shape!   
It's entertaining.... Accessible (in your home), EASY to do the exercises (only about 1-2 minutes for most of them)... it tracks your progress... WAY FUN... instead of sitting on your fat butt watching TV or surfing the internet.... 
The only one stopping you is YOU 
Balance yourself so you'll stop fighting yourself (as I've said in my other blogs)
Find the Child inside of you and have FUN! 

Ciao!  To your Health and Wellness

This is Day 10 of "falling on my knees and Praying" at 6 am
It takes 21 days to form a habit


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