Friday, January 21, 2011

I don't want to! or the THREE OF US must decided!

Guess it's about getting the "I WANT TO" in order.

Until I WANT something.... I mean really want something.... it's a struggle.

I said "I WANT to get up every morning at 6 am ".... 
well, too bad... 
this morning I woke at 7 am!

Oh, I have an excuse (of course) and it seems logical.... but bottom line is

I really "didn't want to"  if I did..... I WOULD.

Then WHY would we make up stuff to do.... that we "really don't want to do"?


Maybe it's the "Mom's VOICE" in our head that we fight?????

Do you remember.....this:

 "Didn't you hear me..... it's time to get up" 

Maybe we say.....  "ah, Grow up... your an adult now"

Do what you know is RIGHT!  
Do what you know is GOOD!  
Just DO IT!

But, that isn't good enough.  
We should WANT 
to do what is right and good.

That's the balance.... or our imbalance!  Want vs "I don't know if I want to"

Finding out Who of us doesn't want to do what is good and right.

Is it 

is it 
is it 
I who doesn't want it  ?

Me is my BODY
Myself is my Mind
I is my Spirit

Ok guy's .... who doesn't want 
to get up at 6 am and exercise!  

hey there !!!!!   

 I can't find you..... so ......" 

 Oly Oly Oxen Free"

Self Discovery is about finding yourself.  


Me, Myself and I.

Finding out where the imbalance is:
                          is it my BODY that says NO....  it says....I'm weary and ache

                          is it my Mind that says NO..... it says ....I don't want to face a new day

                          is it my Spirit that says NO.....  it says......I'm empty.... no help here.

Onward ho.......... I'm still figuring this out!

bye bye there.....the three of us are leaving now!  LOL

Ciao and Salute to  Your BALANCE!

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