Saturday, July 3, 2010

21 days is NOT a diet plan

The 21 day's to Health and Wellness is

It's about finding balance in our life.

We do this by first detoxing our Mind’s, Body’s, and SPIRITS.
We begin detox by becoming aware of what choices we HAVE been making regarding our lives.
Then we slowly start by making new choices during the "21 days" .

21 days of making HEALTHY choices for our Minds, Bodies and Spirit.

No, this isn't a diet plan. IT is a LIFE plan.
We make choices like:
Eating wholesome life giving foods.
Finding activities that bring health and strength to our bodies.
Reading and studying wholesome life giving books, Watching and listening to uplifting movies, music…. Finding ways to give, love, share.
We pray, journalize… memorize God’s words! HIS POWER.

We spend 21 days of focusing on WHY we desire to be healthy. 21 days of acknowledging WE are here to SERVE HIM… not ourselves.
21 days of seeking ways to be HIS temple for his purpose.

IN this YOU WILL find a “satisfying life”
a life of balance, purpose and direction. (because this 21 day journey is rooted in God’s Word)

When we bring balance and harmony into our lives.... the rewards are:
Physical strength... lean bodies.... energy.... skin that glows.... Healthy Hair.... “beauty”
Strong Minds.... quick thinking... increased memory... sound thoughts “beauty”
Spiritual Awareness.... living in Hope, Faith, Peace, Joy... “beauty”

What we are on the outside is really a reflection of what is on the inside. When someone is loving and kind, thoughtful and helpful…. Everyone can’t help but see a very Beautiful Person!

Balance! 21 days of acknowledging we were made in HIS image... start living it!

Salute! SMILE!

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