Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Seven Habits

Today at the book store I picked up a copy of
  Dr. Colbert's "I can do this Diet"

I have a few other books of his that I think are worthy reading. And since I respect this author's writings... I perused his book and felt it valuable enough to purchase.  

If you know me... you know 
and then LISTEN

Ok (allora)  So, I'll probably blog on this for the next week (or however long it takes to read.... AHH no way, I'm going to finish it in the next few days!!!!)

I love the introduction he used in this book:

"Come Fly with DreamFlight... because we get out there at least 5% of the time"

Would you choose to fly on an airlines that had this kind of motto?
Yet every day, dieters embark on a new diet with the same success rate.  Reports are between 2-5% success rate in keeping off the weight for good.  

He reports that the low rate of success is do to the fact that it's difficult for people to stick to the guidelines of a diet for months, years and even decades.

In the second chapter, Dr. Colbert is right in there with what I keep harping on

"Change the habits!"  

The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) at the Brown Medical School track and investigated why certain people succeed in controlling their weight long term while others do not.

Using Stephen Covey's ideas, Dr. Colbert provides 7 Habits using the underlying principles of successful models to imitate.

Habit #1: Modify your food intake
Habit #2: Increase your activity level
Habit #3: Eat breakfast every day
Habit #4: Monitor your weight regularly
Habit #5: Stay consistent with your eating
Habit #6: Control your portion size and your environment
Habit #7: Be accountable

This is a good kick start to 2011.   Developing these HABITS!  A habit is formed in 21 days.  I need to work on #6!  So when I'm at my Mom's and see the Cannoli's.... or sit to visit... I'm not "mindlessly" eating something... just to eat. 

Now, as I have said so many times in my blog, 

It is all about BALANCE to truly obtain true Health and Wellness.   

Balancing our physical, mental and spiritual being.  

Habits are  like "gears"  in our Health

Habits provide "motion" to our being, taking us in any given direction. 
Good Habits provide the motion for Health and Wellness
Bad Habits cause nothing but conflict, illness, strife and eventually.... death.

There are "habits" that are physical behaviors
There are Mental Habits we  perform without even thinking about it
There are spiritual Habits  we have or  that we lack!

So when we think of "changing our lifestyle" to alter our health and wellness, 
THINK HABITS.  It is OUR HABITS that need to change.

This new year is going to be amazing  I AM CONFESSING THIS!  I am holding on to promises in God's Word.  

I see it,  I feel it,  I speak it, I hear it (quiet voice in my head) and I know it in my heart.

I know it in my heart because 
I see it,  
I feel it,  
I speak it, 
I hear it
dog gone it!

Ok, that is enough for today.  

Salute to your Health and Wellness in 2011!
PS :  the number 7 is the Perfect number!
plus a week is 7 days
Habits are formed in 3 weeks (3 x 7)  hummmmm

"I can do this Diet"

"The Seven Habits of Highly Effective  People".

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