Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get a SMACK for choosing BAD SNACKS

Loving this book:  "I can do this!" Diet by Don Colbert, MD

He speaks from a solid foundation of the Physical, Psychological and Spiritual components related to weight "weight loss and maintenance".

such a cool picture.... oh the memories !
I had a similar long "Housecoat" and  the same fluffy slippers.

Excerpt from Book(with my added notes):
If your like most people, when you skip a meal, you probably end up compounding the situation by heading to the nearest vending machine, convenience store, fast-food restaurant, or candy dish (freezer for Ice Cream!)  In an effort to quickly feel "better and pacify your hunger",  (I say it's appetite Not hunger you're seeking to satisfy).... you'll down chips bagels, or doughnuts - anything with lots of calories (sugars and fats).

The majority of those who lose weight and keep it off 
are the ones who do not skip meals, especially breakfast

A study from the University of Colorado found that 
78% of those who lost weight and 
maintained their weight loss 
ate breakfast every day.

So when you are planning your strategy this NEW YEAR (resolution)... if you find a diet that doesn't suggest  Three Meals a day and THREE SNACKS (all healthy choices)....
WATCH out.

You may lose weight quickly but not in a healthy way, 
nor will you keep it off in the future.  JUST A THOUGHT.

I'll blog later about why snacks influence the Serotonin levels thus providing "comfort".

                        Be mindful today when you reach for "something to eat"

Most people NEVER go into a store to buy clothing without LOOKING at the Price.
Yet, most people  sit down and unconsciously consume thousands of calories in a single meal without considering the "Price" they are paying with their health.

Ignorance is NOT bliss but flat out stupidity when it comes to how many calories/carbs/fats are in a food you shove "mindlessly into your mouth"
There, I said it!

High calories, High Fat, Fried foods/snacks, ....... AHHH those poor Arteries don't have a chance. (whats the matter with you... it's not just about shortening your life span... it's about the quality of life you live while you're alive)

I've been saying during this past year of blogging... this is a "spiritual warfare" issue.
This is a psychological battle too!  This is not just a eat less, exercise more blog!  I keep screaming (to those willing to read my blog) 

Balance is the answer to having optimal health and wellness.

Choose wisely today.... throw away temptation -  Fill your home, car, purse.... with Healthy choices.  (clean out the Refrigerator and Pantry before the first of the year)

  • Did you know that after the age of 35 people lose 5-7 lbs of muscles every 10 years?
  • Did you know that a person metabolism decreased by 5% every 10 years. 
  • Did you know that muscle cells burns about 70 x's more calories than fat cells?
  • Did you know that every time you hop on and off another diet you typically lose valuable muscle and regain more fat when you start to gain the weight back?

Now... there you go making up another excuse why you have extra pounds!   Crying about your metabolism being the problem.

Well hellooooo there!
YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR METABOLISM!  you can make it better or make it worse with your lifestyle choices.

I'm trying to encourage you to think about these facts as a means to develop a better plan to lose the extra weight..... increase your muscles and LIVE a healthier life!

ok, ok.... O K
I've said it... now I have to live it.

Ciao and Salute to a  Healthier NEW YEAR!

it's not that my blog is all about weight loss, but it goes hand in hand with living a Healthier Life.  A life of good health is the treasure we should all seek. As a Registered Nurse in Internal Medicine/Family Practice, I see first hand the epidemic and destruction of  my patients being " overweight/obese".  80% of illness are self inflicted due to a self indulgent lifestyle with a lack of respect for one's body. 

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