Friday, November 19, 2010

Turn the page

"Turn the page it's a new day"

Song's that inspire me.....

How powerful our thinking is

We can direct our thoughts to ideas of defeat  or to great achievements

Each day we actually have a new fresh start on our attitude which is influenced, inspired, affect by our thoughts. Our thoughts become action and our actions become who we are

Excuses are the enemy.  It's so very sad when I hear a "bucket full of excuses" why someone lives in defeat.  Sorry to say, it actually becomes their comfort for their failure.

Stop with the pity party and excuses.  

When we acknowledge have our creator who MADE US in HIS IMAGE.  When we acknowledge our creator placed the stars in the sky and magnificent oceans on the earth.  When we acknowledge all things were created by a God who references himself as OUR FATHER.  He gave us dominion over the earth.... and OUR CHOICES!  When we acknowledge our  God of the Heavens who is available and able and wants to encourage, uplift, support, comfort... meet ALL OUR NEEDS!

Then Why:
Why do we make excuses and gravel upon the earth moaning and crying about all our "stress" and "difficulties" and "illnesses.  Why do we only CONFESS  our limitations instead of CONFESSING  and seeking our strength to rise above it all, in HIM.

It's time we kick ourselves in the pants, get up, get going.... freakin acknowledge who we are in Christ and take it on!

Stop with the excuses and start with the reasons why we can not  and will not fail!

there  I said it

Now, wake up and accept responsibility to SPEAK POWER into your life.
SPEAKING the WORD OF GOD.  It's a powerful resource that brings light, healing, inspiration, energy, focus, determination..... joy, life, "VITA"!

So sad to think someone can be alive (physically) 
but be dead (Spiritually and mentally)
Don't they call that a Zombie?

So, stop with the excuses - Start Honoring your Body, Mind and Spirit by taking contol of your Health and Wellness:

Choosing life giving foods:  Fresh colorful fruits and Vegetables, whole grains, clean proteins

Choosing to MOVE your body, stretch, walk, jog, lift weights, swim... ride a bike

Choosing to fill your mind with positive words, music, visual things
that are True, Lovely, honest of good report

Choosing to have a loving, grateful heart, a heart of thanksgiving, a humbling attitude that
we have a purpose to fulfill.

Slap yourself awake for heaven sakes   

Psalm 42:5  

 5 Why, my soul, are you downcast? 
   Why so disturbed within me? 
Put your hope in God, 
   for I will yet praise him
   my Savior and my God.

Have an amazing day writing today's story on a new page of your life

To your Health and Wellness, Salute!


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