Wednesday, November 10, 2010

tick tock goes the heart - fa la la la

What do we really control?

Interesting info on the Heart:

If you examined the cardiac cells under a microscope, one by one, you would see that each one beats at a different rate. This is a most astonishing, but also a most miraculous state of affairs: Far from being a sign of any irregularity, this actually indicates an impeccable order. The heart beats in a rhythmic and synchronized way: The cells literally know when to contract and when to expand, in line with this synchronization. God has inspired in each cell the time frame in which it will beat. That's why each beats at different speeds and sequences. 

When you put together two cardiac cells that beat at different rates, 
they immediately begin beating in rhythmic harmony through an extraordinary mechanism. 

When these intelligent cells come together, 
they all work in harmony and maintain a rhythm that will best pump the blood. 

The flawless harmony between the cells is one of the proofs of our Lord's artistry.  

We control our choices -   Yes or No?

Do we:
Choose to eat healthy
Choose to exercise
Choose to feed our minds healthy thoughts, sights and sounds
Choose to feed our spirits truth, love, faith

Choose each moment how we will react
Choose each moment how we will respond
Choose each moment what we will say

Choose to control our choices

Those things that are not in our control ..... do not control us, unless we
Choose to allow those "things" to control us

             Make your choice today.... to choose,  if you choose to not choose you're still choosing.

fa la la la

All energy (molecular) has always existed 
it can not be destroyed 
there is a pattern of order and harmony even 
in an explosion
energy is just changed into another form
it always has existed and always will exist

tra la la la la
Salute!  To your health and wellness

Yes I know I'm strange especially after a long long day

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