Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Stairs of life

Some day's are just plain crazy and stressful.  Circumstances and Situations that we didn't ask for or create.

This thought came to me as I was talking a walk on a very "glorious and beautiful" morning.  As I came to an area of my walk that has about a gazillion steps up and back down.... I noticed that on my way down the steps I had to  concentration was watching my feet on the steps.  (Many Emergency room visits are because of falling down stairs).
Although I didn't want to hold on to the rail (Lord knows what disgusting germs are inhabiting the hand rail, another health risk) I had my hand ready to grab on. It suddenly dawned on me that   I was unable to enjoy the fantastic view in front of me unless I stopped to look up.

I then drew the analogy from walking down the Stairs.... (as I often do.... )

"Analogies prove nothing, that is true" wrote Sigmund Freud, 
"but they can make one feel more at home.  

On our journey through this life of ours, we at times are faced with "stairs"... aka challenges (a positive way to say stress).

Stairs challenges:

Our Body because they take an increased energy and strength.  Just walking up several fights of stairs causes our leg muscles to burn, and our heart has to pump  harder to pull in more oxygen to meet the demand of our muscles...  the increased need for the oxygen can sometimes our lungs to feel like they too like the muscles are burning... A lot of physical manifestations of our challenge.

Our Mind has to concentrate, although we may believe we're thinking about something else, listening to our ipod ... sub consciously our eye's and ears and touch are sending messages to our mind to keep us from falling.

Our Spirit.... dah!  again.... I go back to this concern... what's our spirit doing during this challenge?  We, as spirits are  always in a state of being, without consciously being aware of  this and what is  happening in us and around us. Unknowingly our Spirit is always "active".

The Stairs represent our challenges and our ability to handle the stairs is our condition, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

But more importantly in my thinking about this is the fact that the Stairs are a distraction.

We need to focus "the  stairs" when we have to use them. 
(Are you always looking for the elevator? Sorry,  but the fact of life is sometimes you have to take the stairs)

We are sometimes hit from all sides with challenges and changes.  Illnesses, conflicts in relationships,  financial issues... whatever.  No escape from conflicts and challenges.

Walking "THE STAIRS of LIFE" can take us from enjoying the beauty around us. 
They can be a difficult and painful time in our life. 

BUT, as I said

I then STOPPED took a deep cleansing breath while walking down those stairs and  LOOKED UP and took in a brief moment to enjoy the sights and sounds and fragrances that surrounded me.  And for that brief moment, I   lost thought  and sensations of my burning muscles ... And  then had a chance to whisper in my Spirit.... words of gratitude, thoughts of Praise for my Creator... I became lost in that moment. I felt then refreshed to continue.
Knowing no matter what was happening AROUND ME... 
I was able to get in touch with what we happening IN ME!


Keeping my goal of Feeding and Exercising  and Balancing "ME"

You CAN NOT help others if your  ill, unbalanced, weary, unhappy, angry, resentful, unforgiving, judgemental, critical,lazy.....

When your Balanced,  healthy, energized, happy, satisfied, tolerant, forgiving, non-judgemental, positive, focused on goals....

YOU ARE HEALTHY and WELL to help others. 
You can take on the Stairs of Life.... You can BALANCE!

Take care of YOU so you can take care of OTHERS and therefore Others will not be burdened with taking care of YOU because YOU don't take care of YOURSELF!  
There... I said it (now I have to re-read what I said, cuz I kind of confused myself...)

Stop making excuses that You can't STOP on the Stairs of LIFE to take a deep breath... refocus and HONOR yourself by eating healthy, exercising and feeding your mind and Spirit healthy ideas and thoughts (the Bible is the "bread of life").

I can't turn back the hands of time, I can't live tomorrow today.... 
I can only capture the moment and seize the opportunity I am IN.  

Now .....Stop, close your eye's and have a "little" talk with yourself.... (oh, and a little "Talk with Jesus" too)


Salute! To your Health and Wellness 

P S 
Two things I noticed while blogging
One:  Stairs take us to a new level in our life.... good thing!

Two:  PMS  = is the Acronym  for Physical, Mental and Spiritual.... as well
             as  Pre Menstrual Syndrom other wise known to some as -
             Pretty Mean Sister 

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