Friday, October 1, 2010

Eyes Wide Open - "drop and give me 20"

This is Day One of many of my 21 days  journey's to Health and Wellness

The Focus this time is "body strength" rather than "body weight" when it comes to BALANCE.

I am targeting the four large muscle groups:   Chest, Shoulders, Back and Legs

One of the triggers for my seeking "a answer" 9 months ago was my inability to squat down and pick up one of my grandchildren and then stand back up.  NO strength to do this.  Pathetic!

Now, after 9 months of this Journey I found out I  still can not perform even 4 push ups!  What is that about. 

1 Corinthians 6:19-20  

19Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit,
 who is in you, whom you have received from God? 
You are not your own; 
20you were bought at a price. 
Therefore honor God with your body


I was presented  with the exercises I needed to work all Four Large Muscle Groups during my Canyon Ranch Health Resort Stay.   I learned the benefit of working out these muscles is:
                         "increasing my metabolism to burn more calories at rest"  YA WHOOEEE

I'm ready!  Sign me up.

Next,  I went to a class  and was taught yoga stretches that would take 15 minutes a day. These exercises were to help "free and strengthen" my joints.
Helping me with another issue that I've found has increases with each Birthday....
   Yes, I'm not as limber or flexible as I need to be.

When I watched the Movie Mamma Mia and saw Meryl Streep jumping around and dancing like a 20 year old.... 

            "freak... I'm ridiculously out of shape and I can't use my age as a valid reason why".

I then said  TO MY SELF (as I often do... talk to my self- self monologue) 

                                                            "Come on - Pull it together"  

STOP making excuses!

So,  I will start with doing as many push ups (women's style) as I can (at least 4 and max 6 to start)  then  doing squats  at least 4 and max 6 .

                                  Then doing another set:   push ups   and    squats.  

My Objective is 2 sets of 6 squats and 2 sets of 6 push ups every other day for 21 days.  The other day's I'll do my "Wii"  ahhhh way way fun to do and motivational with the little voice cheering me along.

This works the large muscle group: Legs
This works all three large muscle groups at one time: Shoulders, Back and Chest

   15 minutes of stretches each day (yoga style) for the next 21 days.

These Yoga "joint freeing" exercises had a testimonial from a seasoned   Certified Yoga Therapist.  She stated that in order for her to teach this class she had to use this exercise for 30 days.  

She herself was surprised and amazed how these exercises strengthened her and helped her  Regular yoga poses.

SPEAK the WORD (self monologue) of self healing.... start saying positive affirmations about exercise.  When words come out of your mouth that defeat yourself and start a war inside your mind and soul.    

Make an appointment with yourself and STICK TO IT!  

Then before and during the exercise - NO MATTER HOW your BODY FEELS.... 

SAY...things like "ahhh this feels good,  
Oh, I enjoy exercise,  
I'm going to feel so Good because I'm taking care of me... 
I love what this is doing for me..."

Say what you want to BE!  

Speak it, so you will Believe it 
Then you can live it!

Now, let's go.... you don't have your ol PE Teacher  to Make you DO it or flunk you in PE
(my PE teacher was Ms. Siler, who amazed all us girls with her Pointy Chest... what kind of bra did that women wear? circa 1970 )  Good Grief   I hated Gym Class!

Salute!  To your continued Health and Wellness 

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