Saturday, October 30, 2010

Be a Diamond or a Rock, It's up to YOU

What will you choose today?



It's not easy yet it's what God hopes for all us... and we should aspire for ourselves
 it is possible through trial and hardships to find the diamond in you... and still then to continually work at  becoming cut and polished.

Your choice! - run and hide from those things that take 
time, effort and sometimes pain 
and StAY a ROcK or

Or chip away and discover the diamond in YOU.... 

Also know as "grow bitter or better" during lives trials.
Also know as "stay fat and dumb or get lean and smart"
Also know as "...... ok, you fill this in.... ya, know what I'm talking about"

SO, get in touch daily with feeding and exercising your Mind (positive thoughts)
                                        feeding and exercising your Spirit  (instruction manual:bible)
                                        feeding and exercising your Body (Healthy Food/Activities)

All up to YOU 


Salute!  To your Health and Wellness

Stay off the White sugar and White Flour and 
eat colorful, fresh foods and fibers

Get "active"  ..... Stop sitting on the couch of excuses
Believe in God for Strength and draw on HIS word.


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