Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wheels -take a ride

Listening the past two days to numerologist/ graphologist/astrologist/ ti Chi ...
made me dwell for some time on my belief system.

As a Christian I was taught to stay away from listening to these beliefs... Ideas

Yet, without compromise I believe they are of God... Why not He created all things! I just think that they've been tapped into and sometimes used to divert people from God.

My God is a God of purpose, order, destin.. Why not?

If you can take your spiritual beliefs and see it as a wheel. Put God at the Center (of course) and then look at all the spokes attached - guess I'm the wheel?

Unless an idea, philosophy is attached to the center of the wheel and balanced as the other spokes it has no place

Well, maybe too much sun today but. I'm thinking!

There is a lot we do not know. But this I Know. Christ is the center of my universe

God the canvas of my life. All else I hear and see are just brush strokes that paint my life. The word of God is my mentor as I paint. Ahhhhh


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