Sunday, September 5, 2010

Here I go again - and a BMI to you too!

Yes, I know that I start my 21 days to Health and Wellness on the 1st of the month but I had an awaking today.

I've not had the opportunity due to travel to be on the "Wii" fitness program.  Ok, ok.... kind of an excuse.  No, really... it is an excuse.  I need to STOP THAT now.

To many days had passed since I last step on the Wii Fitness board  and the Little guy who welcomes me when I turn on the Wii fitness program  reminded me by asking "where have you been?".  I'm thankful they didn't allow the guy to say what he was really thinking ... "where the heck have you been lady...."  Thank Godness I've maintained my wieght and fitness level since I last stepped on the board.  Unfortunately, I hadn't met my Goal. 

Any whooo,  (guilt acknowledged ... now MOVE ON) 

 The little guy said that I had to reset my goal.  
Yes, I'm  talking that I still need to lose about 8-10 lbs.  
 I have lost 18 lbs since starting this blog.  But, I need my BMI to  be 22 to be healthy.  
Side note to ME: This reminds me about my Calcium and Vit D intake, cuz if I get shorter due to bone loss then I'll have to re calculate my BMI!  YIKES... it never ends!

Although,  I do like to start on the 1st day of the month so I know by the date what day I'm on... TOO BAD, so Sad... I'm starting NOW.    

Actually, when I think about it....... it works out fine since I am  going to a Health Resort  on the 23rd until the 27th.  Perfect.  I'll end the 21 days there.  Right,  Math genius that I am   6 + 21 is 27!  Yahoo  -  It was meant to be.  (yes, I'm so very very blessed to have the opportunity to go to this resort)

So, tomorrow I'll start my Day One of the 21 day blog
 to Health and Wellness and lowering my BMI   

I'm going to stand on the stage for a moment and give my testimony:
This blog has been an amazing encouragement for me.  It has reinforce my goal every morning.  It has given me new insight and a new strength to make healthy choices for my body, mind and spirit.  It has made me accountable "to me".  I have found a new freedom in expressing myself and LISTENING to myself talk (ask my sister's....  I've always had conversations with myself... it just use take place in front of the mirror  with the bathroom door locked).

The 21 day thing is something that takes doing several times over.  Let's face it.... I've had 50+ years developing  lifestyle habits that will take more than just 21 days session to break.  Each of the 21 day journey's have centered on reinforcing  new lifestyle habits. 

I tella you the truth (as my Sicilian Grand ma would say)  It has worked

 I still have NO desire to take  a piece of "See's Candy" when offered.  I still have no war inside me as I stand in front of the pastry counter at Starbucks.   I still look for opportunities to "MOVE"  exercise, walk..... stretch.  I'm seeking spiritual food!! and a closer relationship with my creator each day. 
I'm happier and more physically in shape than I've been in a long time.  
I've discovered what God created - Me!

I am His Temple and I want to honor Him by Respecting ME!  

Yes,  I am committed and ready to GET HEALTIER!  Kick up the Heat! 

Psalms 37:5

Commit everything you do to the LORD. 

Trust him, and he will help you.

Here I go!

Salute!  To Your Health and Wellness

 Notice I have removed negative words like "diet"and replaced it with positive words like: lowering my BMI, Getting Healthier, becoming more Strong & Fit.

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