Monday, August 16, 2010

Detox Yourself

I had wrote  (few blogs ago) 
about how we every morning pick up our bag  and get back on the road.

Two thoughts on this. 

First is the "bag".  Yes, we ALL have bag(s) to carry.  (unless your Christ)
What is in your bag?  Before you quickly answer think: You and I need to go to the Lord and have him stand looking in to what's in the bag(s) with us.  
Time for real honesty when we're held accountable.    

Our culture is so taken up with "detoxing" our bodies.  How about "detoxing" our minds and spirits.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  DETOXING TIME!

If you think of Love, Joy, Peace, Forgiveness, honesty, thoughtfulness, kindness, giving, sacrificing... la la la  as Flowers 
I'd pick:  Roses for Love, 
                 Daisies for Joy, 
                 maybe Lilacs for Peace

Then if you think of Fear, hate, un-forgiveness, bitterness, resentment, retaliation as disgusting smelling stuff 
I'd pick:  Fear as onions
                 Hate as rotting meat
                 Un-forgiveness as the smelly socks from a basketball player with 
                      foot fungus (yikes!)

Seriously, no joke.  It's true!  
Take a look in your bag(s).  The one you carry every day.   How is it you don't smell what's happening inside the bag.  Do you really think those you walk next to on the road don't get a whiff of what's happening in the bag?  Or like most of us (me included) we attempt to just cover up any smell of anger, resentment or un-forgiveness with an ARTIFICIAL perfumed spray (faking that we're ok inside)  

 Sad but true - we all carry baggage.  
Sad but true, sometimes we're so use to the smell of our bag that we don't notice it.  Hey, I know.... it's like the story of the college students that stuck an old fish in one of the dorm rooms as a trick.  The Students  sleeping in the room never noticed the stench  that they slept with all night long until they left the room in the morning and  then returned.  TRUE!  

I just love the fact that Jesus told stories (parables) to help people understand God's truth.
I'm very visual in my learning and when I hear a story or see a picture, I the "get it".

Then think about "ORGANIC".  Yes, food's that are Organic (Free of pesticides and chemicals).   How about putting "organic thoughts" into our minds and spirits.
Just a thought! 

The journey I've been on is all about "finding health and wellness".  

The signs on my road have been illuminated as I've been seeking GOD TO HELP ME!  The signs have said 

"hey you there..... pay attention to your mind and soul too!" 

I've heard this again and again: 
"If you spent more time on the health of your mind and spirit... 
will become healthy too!"

Ephesians 4:31-32  

31GET RID of all bitterness, rage and anger,
 brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 
32Be kind and compassionate to one another, 
forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you

"GET RID".... easy to say, not so easy to do.  That is when attempt to do it with your own strength.  Only the Christ in use can just "get rid" of these emotions.  We have to first make the choice to "get rid" of them... then draw strength from the Lord.  We are of sinful nature.  A lot of times we CHOOSE to harbor, hang on to.... Keep these emotions in our bag!  Why, because we feel justified to be angry, bitter.... etc.  

We may use the excuse... they (the person it's directed to) doesn't deserve anything less than my anger.  They don't deserve my forgiveness.  

Ahhhh, time to detox.  All those toxic emotions really only STINK UP YOUR BAG!  In fact they turn into a rotting garbage that then starts to ROT your beautiful flowers.
(another story example... I think I need a felt board like we had in Sunday school... oooh ya, I like that idea)

Your emotions  are like a bowl of fruit.  When one piece of fruit begins to rot... the good fruit around it also begin to rot from the contact with the bad piece.

Ok, Picture taken, shown and done with.  

Oh won't you open up your bag and take a good look inside.  Take out the articles one by one.  Exam them before you put them back inside.  The stuff (thoughts/emotions) that are toxic... place them before the Lord and ask God for the strength to "Get Rid" of them. 
                                              Toxic thoughts ARE MAKING YOU SICK! 

For your Mind and Spirit choose to:
       Detox your Mind and Spirit and choose Organic thoughts     

Your BODY is a reflection of your Mind and Spirit!

Salute!  To your health and wellness

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  1. Hey Dena,

    I'm over from Sugar Pie Farmhouse. I love your blog. I'm gonna try to figure out how to follow you too. BTW, lovedd the story about you kicking that woman in the pants thinking it was Aunt Ruthie...Had to laugh, sorry. It sounds like something I would do for sure.
    God bless.