Monday, July 5, 2010


Hummmm, just thinking about ...... stuff.

Health is a state of body, but also a state of mind.

The quest I'm on is about bringing balance to my life.

Balancing body, mind and soul.

When I'm struggling.... with anything, I need to put into check where and what is happening on all three levels.

They are not separate. They are beautifully and intricately connected.

So, when as in today I was seeking "joy" in my life. My attitude/thoughts were affected by my Body fighting a hang over from the 4th. It's not that I drank too much wine. It's that I didn't eat well in combination with having a few glasses of wine (went to a party and I hated the choices of food - Hot Dog's are not my thing!).

So, today I felt like ... ahhh I'll say it "crap". Headache, nausea.... just tire.

So, I think ..... ok.... I poisoned myself yesterday with Not eating healthy foods, drinking 2 glasses of wine more than I should have... YIKES! WHY do we do this to ourselves?

Now, as much as I "think" I choose today to pull myself together .... I HAD to pay the price for poor choices yesterday.

That's life.... You buy a ticket for a trip..... then don't freaking get mad when you end up at a destination you don't like.... YOU BOUGHT THE TICKET ! you choose it.... What, you didn't think it would REALLY travel to this destination? Ahhh, we (humans) are not stupid.... just foolish.

So, back on track.... I need to balance my life by Making wiser choices.

Adam and Eve! She had the knowledge of what NOT to do... but she choose to take a bite!
Yes, she can say she was decieved and fooled into her choice BUT.... she WANTED to make the choice...

No more excuses!! I know that I know that I know.....

Once again, the fight is with ME! I know what to do, how to do it... and God's made available all the TOOLS I need to be sucessful.

Hummmmm, just thinking

Buona Notte

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