Wednesday, July 14, 2010


On Day 13 - Well, I was blogging in my mind!  Ooops!  Time management issue I think

So, now Day 14.... TWO weeks in to the 21 day thing.
15/15/15 is what I strive for as a Habit!  
15 minutes of  Spiritual fitness, Physical Fitness, Mental Fitness each day.


It occurs to me that the "war" with myself over what to eat or not eat has almost disappeared.  The enemy (myself) has retreated and surrendered to me (I is still not sure ).  This has taken a journey that started last year!  Many 21 day committments.  

Not to confuse you but, as I've said in other blogs...
I war with Me, myself and I all the time.  Otherwise know as Mind, Body and Spirit.

I actually  have developed a HABIT of seeking out "healthy foods".   When I see pastries or fried foods.... greasy foods and or Processed foods my mind quickly says "Poison".  I look forward to fixing something with fresh vegetables.... nuts.... olive oil!

Now you may think that my thinking "poison"is a severe response, yet it's true.

If we could have Transparent bodies - Yikes.... Like in a cartoon!  Where you could see and identify your organs, blood vessels, "adipose tissue".... etc.... HOW could you dare   shove a donut in your mouth?  Knowing, seeing plaque building up in your arteries.... your pancreas screaming at you to stop pouring in refined sugar....

Well, I hope you get the point.

Just today I had someone tell me that she only got 3 hours of sleep last night (working into the night on projects) and now today she wants to start a "cleanse".  The detox body cleanse with lemon and maple syrup.... YIKES!  Plus, to boot she's just completed seeing her "friend from Redlands" (ya know what I'm saying).

Wow,  what respect is that for her body?

God created this AMAZING body.... it's delicate yet a resilient machine that carries our spirit.  WHY do we have such lack of respect for what carries us? For what God Created! Created for HIS PLEASURE !  Well, that's how I see it.

If you  purchased an expensive Rose Bush for your yard or maybe bought a  Fruit tree... whatever.,
Wouldn't you spend the time and money to choose the right spot in your yard?  A spot that provides the proper sunshine?  Then I believe you would make sure you prepare the soil - maybe added nutrients...
then properly planted, watered and TENDED to this tree!  Of course you'd invest your time, energy and money to make sure your investment produced beautiful fragrant roses or amazing delicious fruit!

It's doubtful you'd just place the tree in your yard - not planting it... then neglect to water it.
It's doubtful you'd allow trash and left over soda's to  be dumped into the pot...
Oh, maybe you'd be the kind who waited until it was dying and full of insect before you paid attention... then sprayed it with pesticides and flooded it with water..... OH you get the picture.

WHY oh why then do we beat up our bodies?  Come on you know what I'm talking about.
We disrespect what God has given to us.  We have invented all sorts of gadgets and devices and machinery so we physical can DO LESS. All sort of products to provide a QUICK fix to make us look and feel health.
We revel in seeking out restaurants that PLEASE our sight and taste for foods.  Makes no matter that the foods are laden with fat's and sugars.

We allow ourselves to get fat and out of shape and then want a QUICK fix.... some lame diet plan... a new machine to exercise...   What we disregard is our MIND is as out of shape and unhealthy as our bodies!    Yes, THEY ARE CONNECTED and related.

If you're neglecting and abusing your body.... ummmm me think your mind is also being abused and neglected.  Wow.... what do you think is then happening in your spirit!

 Can you hear my voice getting louder...... YOU ARE BODY, MIND and SPIRIT!'s just that we can SEE YOUR BODY!

So, back to my friend.
Respect your body!   It needs nutrients after your monthly friend visits - replenish the iron!
It needs proper foods to nourish a body that is fighting sleep deprivation.

Your Mind has to fight what is happening in your body!  A body screaming today.. "please take care of me!"  Like the tree you've planted  TEND to your body.  Provide it the Sunshine, nutrients, Water and loving attention it DESERVES.

Revelation 4:11  

 11Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

He (God) created us for His Pleasure.

My prayer today is to Respect what God has created - ME!
To treat my body with the respect and love it so is will bring forth Fruit.

Then I believe it will my body will bring forth the "fruit" of energy, vitality and strength as it was created to produce.

Salute to YOU!

I believe that I will continue to start each month on the 1st of the month a 21 day commitment to a new task.
ie. Time management could be one (seeing as I forgot to blog yesterday... what's that about)
Maybe learn a new language  - Ya, English would be a good one for me to learn
LOL  :)


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